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The Hardest Job Openings to Fill

Phil Cohen

Everybody likes to see job growth and a cut in unemployment. This is no easy undertaking, though. Finding job openings is a tough task for most job seekers, and some professionals struggle to find open job positions in their field altogether.

But, overshadowed by all of the clamoring for job creation in American society, there are certain sectors of the economy that are desperately trying to find qualified job candidates to fill vacant positions.

List of the hardest job positions to fill

Skilled Trades—As has been the case since 2009, employers across the country are really struggling to find candidates to fill skilled trade job openings. It’s not just a single trade that’s impacted. There are shortages in welders, plumbers, electricians, mechanics and more. This year, skilled trade positions remain to most difficult to fill in the economy.

Sales Representatives—There are plenty of sales representative job openings out there. Why? The turnover rate among sales reps is huge, and good sales representatives are few and far between.

Drivers—Our friends in the trucking industry know this well; there is a massive shortage of drivers in the United States. Businesses are struggling to find candidates for local driving jobs and long-distance truck driving jobs alike.

Information Technology—There is a reason that IT programs are booming at colleges and universities nationwide. Every business is becoming “high-tech,” and every modernized outfit needs IT workers. There are hundreds of jobs in information technology in your home state, and because employers are rather desperate for job candidates, they usually pay big money.

Accountancy and Finance— Businesses of all shapes and sizes have vacant accounting and finance positions. Careers in accountancy and finance provide workers with a great path to a high salary and economic mobility.

Engineering—There is still a hot demand for young engineers in the economy, and typically, engineering jobs typically pay very well.

Nursing—While it seems like there are many nurses, the need for different types of nurses and home health aides is very high. The nursing shortage will continue to become an issue in the next years to come as baby boomers continue to get older.

Job searching can be daunting, so pay attention to economic trends and take a look at careers that are in high demand. Follow the job openings. Smart planning is the fastest way to success. Are you looking for a smarter small business plan for the new year? Give Factor Finders a call today and learn about smart financing, increase your cash flow and grow your business.


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