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Top 10 Qualities of the Best Temp Staffing Companies

Phil Cohen

Acquiring and retaining top-notch talent can be tedious in today’s job market, because finding the best candidate for an opportunity involves far more than sifting through a stack of resumes.  The best staffing companies must not only stay on top of evolving industry trends, but they must also learn to adapt to the ever-changing economy.  Furthermore, successful staffing companies should be tech-savvy and ready to respond to their clients’ specific staffing needs.

Here are the top 10 qualities of the best temp staffing companies

  • Extending recruiting efforts beyond job boards:  In addition to relying on traditional job boards such as Monster and Indeed, the best recruiters will also participate in user groups, networking sites, and use other companies to source prospective candidates. Top employment agencies understand where to best find candidates, whether it is using the latest mobile recruiting technologies or levering social media for recruitment.And don’t forget to craft appealing job descriptions!
  • Creating a candidate database:  Successful staffing agencies will establish a large database of top-notch candidates over time.  Recruiters should realize that the best talent may not yet be available in the job market.  Instead, they could just be passively searching for a better opportunity sometime in the future.
  • Improving technologies on a regular basis:  The best staffing firms continually update and improve their recruitment strategies.  Smart staffing companies will always be on the lookout for better recruiting pools and new job boards to use.  Furthermore, the best recruiters will implement the latest technologies (or mobile apps) to help keep a tab on candidates.
  • Sympathizing with clients:  In order to keep clients happy and ensure the overall success of your firm, staffing companies must learn to always listen to their clients.  Furthermore, they should try to cater to the specific staffing requirements established by each client.  Flexibility and adaptability to the latest hiring trends is crucial to gaining a competitive edge on other staffing firms.
  • Understanding a client’s company culture:  By being aware of a company’s culture, your staffing firm can easily choose the candidates that will fit best with the potential client’s culture.  Furthermore, you can make a more informed decision when it comes to matching the candidate’s wants with the client’s culture.
  • Understanding the candidates’ point of view:  Top-notch staffing companies realize the importance of knowing what candidates want and need out of their job search.  Additionally, they are aware of just how important it is for a candidate to seek an opportunity that will provide increased job stability.  Therefore, an effective recruiter will conduct ample research on an opportunity prior to removing a candidate from a secure position.
  • Acquiring and retaining highly trained recruiters:  Highly effective temp staffing agencies provide plenty of training for their recruiters to help enhance and upgrade their skills. As a result, these recruiters gain valuable insights to help them ask the right questions and remain fully competent in their recruitment efforts.
  • Collaborating with clients:  The most efficient temp staffing firms realize the importance of effectively collaborating with clients to reach the best solutions for their evolving business needs.  Staffing firms must work well with their clients’ managers and staff to ensure that all requirements and demands have been met.
  • Remaining accessible outside normal business hours: Competitive staffing agencies offer their clients many ways to contact them, even after normal operating hours.  In the event of an emergency, clients should be able to contact your firm, whether it’s through an answering service, an online portal, or by personal contact numbers.
  • Maintaining a favorable reputation:  The most successful staffing agencies have maintained a favorable reputation by putting the time and effort into providing clients with the best quality services.  These staffing firms will always have a list of references and recommendations on hand for their clients to reference.

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