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Celebrating Women in Business and Trucking

Phil Cohen

March is Women’s History Month! We want to celebrate by highlighting all the women involved in the fields of business, trucking and everything in between!

Origin of Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month started in 1981 after the United States Congress passed legislation declaring the week of March 7 “Women’s History Week.”

After years of women campaigning and petitioning for a longer period of time to highlight women’s accomplishments, Congress passed legislation that designated March as Women’s History Month in 1987.

Women’s History Month is dedicated to highlighting the contributions of women to U.S. history.

International Women’s Day, a separate but related holiday, is celebrated worldwide on March 8.

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Women in Trucking

This Women’s History Month, we want to place a spotlight on all the female truckers out there! At the moment, that number is not very large. While women make up 47 percent of all U.S. workers, only 7 percent of all truck drivers are female.

That can partially be blamed on the design of the truck cabs – many of them are built to accommodate someone of larger stature than the average woman. This can make it uncomfortable to drive, which when on the road for 10 hours or more, can prove to be a challenge.

In addition, truck driver schools must acknowledge the potential for harassment when recruiting women into a male-dominated field. They have attempted to combat that by providing woman-on-woman training for many females being introduced to the profession.

The shortage of women in trucking can also be attributed to the number of time drivers must spend on the road. Raising a family while balancing a trucking job can be rough, which is why it’s hard to recruit women that have children.

Statistics on the management end are a bit more promising, however. Around 23 percent of trucking management identify as women!

To the ladies of the road, thank you for your service! Happy Women’s History Month!


Women in Business

There are more women in business than ever before! Around 26 percent of all small business owners are female. Those female business owners generate $1.7 trillion in sales and employ around 9 million individuals.

Women own around 11.3 million firms, which equates to 8 percent of all employment. Despite the high number of women in business, only 5 percent of CEO’s in Fortune 500 companies are female.

More women are gravitating to starting their own business because it gives them the freedom to pursue what they love, control their own finances and work their own preferred hours. Having more women in business also means more products made for women, by women.

To the women of business, thank you for all you do! Happy Women’s History Month!



Women and Funding

Women are also less likely to seek funding out for their business ventures, and it shows. Only 5 percent of all venture capital in 2016 was allotted to women.

If you need funding, whether it be for your business or for your time on the road as a truck driver, contact Factor Finders.

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