Do’s & Don’ts for Starting a Temporary Staffing Agency

starting a staffing agency

When it comes to starting up a temporary staffing agency, there are many important factors that can help ensure the success of your venture. However, there are also many strategies to avoid for preventing the demise of your company. Regardless, developing a successful temporary staffing agency requires hard work, ranging from reaching out to job seekers to establishing relationships with new clients.

How to Start a Staffing Agency: What to Do and What not to Do

1. Dispute Myths

Implementing successful strategies within your business plan can really help your temporary staffing agency grow. To start off, it’s always important to debunk the common myths associated with temporary staffing.

Some people have the misconception that by accepting a temporary job, the assignment will never turn into a long-term, permanent opportunity. Furthermore, prospective employees may think that temporary jobs only come with part-time hours or no benefits. In order to reveal the truth about your agency, you need to make sure that the advantages and benefits linked to partnering with your firm are communicated loud and clear.

2. Understand your Target Market

Aside from dispelling myths about temporary staffing, it is also important to understand what current job seekers are searching for in the marketplace when starting a staffing agency. Whether job seekers are hoping to gain an opportunity to build upon new skills or land a full-time spot at a flourishing company, understanding their needs can help you become better prepared to provide them with a job they’d be eager to accept.

3. Explain the Details

Another important aspect of growing your staffing agency directly involves job seekers. Ensure that potential new hires are prepared to meet with you by creating your own guide for them to follow prior to arriving at your office. In this guide, be sure to clearly explain any and all prerequisites, ranging from forms to fill out to types of ID to bring to the interview. By creating this handy guide and posting it on your company’s website, you will save plenty of time by avoiding the need to reschedule appointments with prospective hires.

4. Remember what your Clients Want

Lastly, be sure to keep the needs and wants of your hiring managers in mind at all times. Aside from providing the funding to ensure the continuous growth of your firm, hiring managers are the ones who are offering opportunities to your job candidates. By meeting their needs, you are ultimately ensuring the success and growth potential for your temporary staffing agency.

Along with practicing the above tactics to ensure success for your startup temp staffing agency, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to prevent potential problems from hindering overall company growth.

5. Don’t go at it Alone

First and foremost, don’t attack this new business venture on your own. When formulating startup plans for your staffing company, talk with others who have had experience starting their own business, preferably in a different niche than yours to eliminate potential competition.

6. Don’t Ignore the Fine Print

In addition, be sure that you are in compliance with all legal requirements, such as rules and regulations set for licensing, taxing and workers’ compensation. Also, make sure you understand what the proper documentation is required to own and operate a staffing company when you’re just starting.

7. Have the Funds to Start a Staffing Company

When starting your own temporary staffing agency, funding payroll and growth are key components to your success. Payments may arrive slowly at times, so be ready to tackle any cash flow challenges. Factor Finders offers competitive payroll factoring services for temporary staffing agencies in all niches. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup staffing firm or a seasoned staffing agency, payroll factoring companies provide fast cash when you need it most. By factoring payroll, you’ll receive the funding necessary to cover payroll and take on new clients. Discover why payroll factoring is a must-have tool for staffing agencies.