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Factoring for Equipment Leasing

Does your business want to accept more projects, but lacks the cash upfront to purchase materials, pay laborers and lease equipment?

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Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable factoring, is the process of selling your unpaid invoices for a cash advance. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s not debt.

Factoring allows your company to access funds you are going to be receiving, it just gives them to you faster. Accounts receivable factoring gives businesses more monetary freedom without piling on interest fees or involving private lenders.

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Equipment Leasing Factoring

Factor Finders’ equipment leasing factoring services help businesses increase working capital and sustain long-term growth, one unpaid invoice at a time.

Factoring for equipment leasing offers many benefits. Firms gain the ability to purchase equipment through rental payments while no debt is added to the balance sheet. Customers can budget for the item over time and avoid purchasing out of their price range or constraining too much cash at once.

This sort of alternative funding helps presidents and CEOs manage their businesses better overall. Owners can select the specific equipment they desire without experiencing sticker shock. The monthly payments are 100 percent tax deductible which sometimes counterbalances the cost of the service. In addition, leasing generates growth based on the financier’s desired time frame.

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Factoring could be right for your business if…

Your customers take over 30 days to pay

Are you working with companies that take over 30, 60 or 90 days to pay their invoices?

Factoring can get your business the money it needs to operate on its own terms without having to take out a loan or acquire debt.

You need equipment, but can’t purchase it

If your business needs a new piece of equipment but doesn’t want to go into debt to purchase it, factoring can assist you.

Get the cash needed to put down a large payment by receiving an advance payment on your invoices.

You want a solution to your cash flow issues

Those customers that take over 30 days to pay can really mess up a company’s cash flow, making it harder to pay employees and keep up with bills.

Keep your finances steady with help from invoice factoring.

You want flexibility

Factor what invoices you want, when you want.

Don’t worry about hidden long-term contracts or fees. Just get straightforward funding when you need it.

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