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Apparel Factoring Services

Apparel Invoice Factoring: Your Business Solution

Is your brand the next big thing in apparel? Don’t let slow payments cut the fashion show short – Factor Finders‘ apparel factoring program can provide the working capital you need! Invoice factoring for clothing companies is a business-friendly alternative to traditional lending. Spend less time jumping through financial hoops and more time executing your vision without worrying about cash flow.

How Does Apparel Factoring Work?

Unlike a traditional loan, apparel factoring allows you to receive advances on your unpaid invoices. The process begins when you submit invoices to the factoring company, which will verify that the work has been completed. They will then advance your company between 70 and 90 percent of the invoice amount – you receive the remainder when the invoice is paid.

Invoice factoring is a viable funding option for the fashion industry and their supply partners:

  • Weavers
  • Apparel manufacturers
  • Fabric companies
  • Textile and apparel acquisition

As long as you are working with corporate clients and issuing a collectible invoice, you can begin working with a factoring company today. Explore how the textile factoring process can help your company get the cash advances it needs to grow.

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With Factoring for Satellite Installers, The Sky is the Limit

The benefits of factoring for satellite dish installers extend far beyond the positive impact on your cash flow. When you factor your invoices, you will also receive:

Expert customer service
Factor Finders works with factoring companies that have served satellite dish installers and other professionals for several years. They are proficient in navigating payment systems, working with your customers, and tailoring their program to meet your company’s needs.

You have complete control over your invoice factoring relationship. You choose which invoices (and which accounts!) you want to factor and when, and with no long-term contracts you can regularly reevaluate how factoring is working for you.

Credit building
Not only can you qualify for factoring with poor or little credit, but you can also use factoring to build your company’s credit! When you have more control over your cash flow, you can pay down old debt quickly and raise your credit rating for future financing needs.

Additional time and money savers
With ready cash, you can negotiate early-pay discounts and other payment incentives with your suppliers to make your money go further. In addition, by taking advantage of your factor’s complimentary credit verification and collections services you can eliminate unnecessary overhead created by running expensive reports.

Factoring for Apparel Companies: More Than a Cash Advance

A factoring relationship offers immediate working capital that you can use to cover your expenses, but there are many more great benefits that will help your company succeed and grow:


Factor as much or as little as you need to maintain the cash flow that works for your company. You choose which invoices to factor and when, without worrying about minimum or maximum amounts.

Credit Repair  

You can qualify for garment factoring even if your company has poor or little-established credit, and you can even build your credit by factoring! Apply your cash to paying down old debts and staying current with your suppliers, and in no time your credit score will be the envy of apparel companies everywhere.

Back Office Support 

Save money and time by allowing your apparel factoring company to assist with your back office needs.Factoring companies for the clothing and garment industry will offer complimentary background and credit checks to ensure that you are working with the most reliable customers, as well as direct collections efforts to schedule and process payments.

24/7 Online Reporting  

Never question where your account stands – instead, take advantage of online reports that you can use to reconcile your own records. A unique login allows you to see current invoices, your last transaction, and so much more!

Start Factoring with Factor Finders Today

The approval process to begin apparel factoring is streamlined to get you the working capital you need quickly. Rather than submitting stacks of paperwork and waiting weeks or months for a funding decision, you can apply for a factoring program with just a few documents and receive a decision in as little as 1-3 business days!

Once you fill out a short application, submit the following:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Current aging
  • Customer list
  • Copies of invoices you wish to factor

The factor will remain in contact while they review your paperwork, and they can get you approved even with an unimpressive credit score. Find out more about factoring approval with less-than-perfect credit.

Invoice factoring for manufacturers is an ideal way to fund your growing clothing business. Apply today!

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