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Invoice Factoring for Security Guard Services

Invoice Funding for Security Guard Services

Security guard company factoring is a fast, debt-free way to access working capital without waiting for your customers to pay. Submit your invoices for completed security assignments and receive up to 90 percent of their value within 24 hours of verification – it’s that simple!

Secure Your Company’s Success with Factoring

Have you turned down security guard contracts because you lack the working capital to cover costs while waiting for payment? Don’t let cash flow stand in the way of staffing the security guards that protect public and private property. Begin invoice factoring for security guard companies and secure your success today.

Security Guard Factoring v. Bank Loans

Invoice factoring is flexible. There are no minimum or maximum amounts to factor in order to qualify, and no long-term contracts to sign. As long as you are working with creditworthy customers and show valid invoices, you can continue factoring as long as you need to help your company grow.

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Make Over Your Business with Factoring for Security Guard Companies

There is more to security guard staffing factoring than a financial transaction, though the boost to your cash flow cannot be overstated. Many other significant benefits of factoring for security guard companies will give you a competitive edge in the industry.

Unlimited funding potential
Bank loans have funding limits, but your factoring credit line grows proportionately with your sales cycle. You don’t have to worry about whether you can finance a new contract or purchase supplies, because with factoring it truly pays to expand.

Qualify with imperfect credit
If the recession hit your company hard, or you’re just starting up and quickly burning through resources, security guard factoring offers the cash flow necessary to continue to grow. You are approved based on the credit of your customers, and you can factor invoices to establish or rebuild your own credit rating. Learn more about factoring for businesses with poor credit.

Supplier discounts
Many suppliers offer discounts to their customers for faster payments as a way to keep capital flowing in. When you factor your security invoices you can take advantage of those discounts and pay less for the supplies you are already using. You may also qualify for discounts by purchasing a higher volume of items in a single transaction.

Back office support
Security guard factoring companies offer another critical service that can help you reduce overhead and invest your hard-earned cash elsewhere: administrative support! Let your factor handle background and credit checks on your prospective customers, billing and invoice follow-up, and collections efforts in conjunction with your terms and policies. You can also follow up on your account status 24/7 with dedicated online reporting.

Comfort with government contracts
Factor Finders’ partners in factoring are experts in the industry and have the experience funding government contracts. They will help your company remain compliant and complete whatever due diligence necessary to staff some of your largest clients.

Getting Started

With little risk for great rewards, why wait to begin factoring? You can be approved for security guard factoring in as little as 3 to 5 working days and be funded within 24 hours of approval! Fill out a short application and submit the following:

– Articles of Incorporation

– Copies of invoices you wish to factor

– Your security guard factoring company will reach out with any additional questions or if they need supplemental documents during the underwriting process.

Enjoy the same peace of mind you provide to your clients by knowing that your cash flow is safe. Let Factor Finders connect you with the ideal security guard factoring company and join thousands who have discovered the financial freedom of factoring.

Security Guard Factoring Success Story 

Does this sound like a familiar story to your security company?*

A growing security guard company had the opportunity to begin an important new contract, paid by the government, to staff several high-clearance guards. Despite bringing in enough to cover their other operating costs, they struggled to raise the funds to obtain the necessary security clearances and pay their security guards properly. Their bank refused to finance this new contract.

What happens next?

Option A

The security guard company reluctantly turned down the contract, limiting their prospects for success and making it unlikely that they would be approached with a similar deal in the future. A rival security guard company then accepted the contract and recruited a number of the first company’s guards who were looking for advancement. The security company lost the deal and employees due to having to turn down the contract.

Option B

The company owner contacted Factor Finders’ security guard factoring experts. They explained the factoring relationship and assured him that they could fund quickly with a limited number of documents required. The owner submitted the necessary paperwork the next day and the security guard factoring company advanced him 90 percent of his existing invoices. With that cash the company was able to gain the necessary clearances to accept the government contract.

If you guessed answer B, you’re right.

One opportunity leads to another.

One government contract turned into a second contract, and after several months the security guard company was able to expand their services to attract new business.

Factoring for security guard companies helps business owners like you set aside funds to make it through slow periods and invest more capital in growing your company. Which story do you want for your security guard company?

*The above is for example and is not intended to represent a guarantee of results from factoring for security guard companies.

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