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Healthcare Staffing Factoring

Invoice Factoring for Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare staffing factoring allows you to sell your outstanding receivables which will provide you with immediate cash to your healthcare staffing company so that your business has the capital it needs – and has earned – when you need to pay for staffing expenses.

Using invoice factoring for healthcare staffing agencies help fill the gap between when you provide temporary healthcare employees to when you are paid for your services. If your staffing company struggles with waiting months to receive payment for your services, or you’d like to expand your business but don’t know how, invoice factoring can help!

The Invoice Factoring Process:

  • Send your invoices to the healthcare staffing factoring company that Factor Finders has carefully partnered you with.
  • After verification from your customers that work has been completed, the factoring company will then advance you up to 98% of the invoices, and the rest will be held in a reserve.
  • Your customers will pay the factoring company for the invoice, leaving you debt-free.
  • The reserve will be released to the client, minus a factoring fee.

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Why Apply for Healthcare Staffing Factoring?

Healthcare staffing can be a lucrative business. In order for your staffing agency to stand out,you need to have the best recruiting team on your side. Your medical clients are depending on your to provide them with professional clinical, janitorial, and administrative staff. You shouldn’t have to worry about when your invoices will be paid to keep your business running. Factor Finders will partner you with a competitive healthcare invoice factoring company to suit your staffing needs.

When you have to wait 30-90 days to be paid for your services, it can have a negative impact on your ability to pay your employees and bills on time. This delay in payment can threaten your company’s financial stability. When a company begins racking up late fees and losing customers because it does not have funds immediately, cash flow problems can even send a business into a downward spiral.When you use healthcare staffing factoring companies to stabilize your agency’s finances, you can avoid the pitfalls of not paying on time and focus instead on operating and growing your U.S. business.

Benefits of Working with Factor Finders

Factor Finders’ works with outstanding healthcare staffing factoring companies throughout the United States that  will help you obtain cash almost immediately. Our partners will give you the freedom to factor as much as you would like, at competitive rates.

Factor Finders will also provide you with a niche factor that has an expertise in the healthcare staffing, nursing staffing or even the home healthcare factoring industry.

Healthcare staffing factoring will not affect your credit or prevent you from obtaining future financing like a traditional bank loan might. Working with a staffing factor will also put you in touch with knowledgeable professionals who will help you with invoice-related tasks such as payroll and collections. Contact Factor Finders today to get your business on the right track for success .

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Healthcare Staffing Industries Served

Factor Finders has the support from healthcare factoring companies all over the United States that are willing to help you get funded for staffing today. Contracts are open ended and you can use the money you factored in any way you choose to support your business. Here is a few of the many heathcare staffing sectors that we work with:

  • Nursing
  • Physicians
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Allied Healthcare Staffing
  • Home Health Staffing
  • Perm-placement
  • Urgent-Care Staffing
  • Healthcare Support Staffing

Nurse staffing

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