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Single Invoice Factoring

How Can Single Invoice Factoring Help Your Business Grow?

Factoring is an asset-based financing solution that allows enterprises to secure the working capital needed to run their business. Unfortunately, most financing firms who factor invoices insist upon a long-term contractual agreement, one where companies must continually submit receivables in order to secure an advance of capital. However, Factor Finders’ approach is entirely different. How does our approach differ from the rest?

Instead of forcing customers to commit to long-term arrangements, we simplify the factoring process by allowing your company to factor invoices one invoice at a time with a process called single invoice factoring. It’s a solution based on empowering you to take charge of your company’s financing needs.

Single Invoice Factoring Benefits

Stronger Account Management: Our focus on providing factoring solutions is built on one simple strategy: We allow your company to factor invoices by deciding when and whom to factor with. Instead of your company using factoring across your entire customer list, single invoice factoring allows you to use it account-by-account.

Improved Cash Flow: At Factor Finders, we understand the difficulty of managing cash flow in today’s economy. We know your company can’t afford to miss out on opportunities simply because you lack the capital to finance operations. As such, single invoice factoring means your company can factor invoices and instantly improve your cash position. It’s about eliminating a growing concern – cash flow – and never missing out on another market opportunity.

Simple Process: How does the Factor Finders solution work? Simply put, you provide us with the receivables your company needs an advance on. Once we’ve reviewed the credit history of the account debtor, we’ll advance you upwards of 90 percent of your open invoice’s value. You’ll secure the capital you need to run your business and you’ll have a clear understanding of both the administration fee and the effective rate charged on the advance. Once your customer pays the invoice, we’ll credit you the difference from the original 90 percent advance and the customer’s final payment minus a factoring fee.



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Why Choose Factor Finders?

Companies use Factor Finders because of our experience, and expertise, but also because we understand the difficulty of financing a business in today’s economy. Ultimately, your company can’t be missing out on opportunities simply because it has an uneven cash position. Instead, your enterprise needs capital in order to run its operations and position your company as a viable source in your market. We help you do just that by simplifying how you factor invoices.  Factor Finders has funding partners throughout the United States that want to work with you. We have established long-term relationships with these funders, and because of which we can pass along savings to you. Why waste time trying to decipher which factoring company is right for you? Let us do that!


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