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Invoice Factoring for Small Businesses

Get the Funds Needed Using Small Business Factoring

Starting and running a small business can be difficult, especially when you’re having trouble finding the capital to stay afloat. If you are unable to obtain a conventional loan, factoring could be the solution for you. Fast cash with no credit check!

Small Business Factoring Services

Don’t rely on banks–small business factoring is the smart alternative to bank loans. Invoice factoring is a fast & simple way for small business owners to improve cash flow and secure money to grow their business. Even if you’ve had trouble qualifying for other forms of financing, invoice factoring is a viable option.

Have banks turned you down due to your credit history? With invoice factoringbad credit is acceptable because approval is based on the credit of your customers, not you. Because of this, you can say goodbye to long applications and strict funding requirements. Small business factoring provides instant cash with more flexibility and is a completely debt free solution.

Do your customers pay on 30, 45, 60+ day terms? Could your small business benefit from getting paid faster? Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable factoring, involves selling your business invoices in exchange for an immediate advance. The money is already yours, you are just receiving it faster.

No Minimums. No Long Term Contracts. Funding in 24 Hours With Small Business Factoring!

Our factoring services benefit businesses of all sizes over a huge range of industries. Essentially, if your business delivers products or provides services to other businesses and have unpaid invoices – we can get you funded. The cost of factoring your invoices may vary depending on the industry you are in. Count on us to match your small business with a factoring company that will provide fast funding with the competitive rates and flexible programs you’re looking for.

In addition, small business factoring helps when a company has an existing credit line. The business owner can use future invoices to repay the loan and clear it from their balance sheet. Factors can also negotiate with the lending institution to subordinate receivables.

The application process is simple. Approval is quick. Start invoice factoring today!

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Small Business Factoring is Beneficial 

Every business requires steady working capital in order to be successful, but slow-paying clients can derail even the best financial plan.
Because of these financial challenges, small businesses maintain consistent working capital by working with business factoring companies. Small business owners have the option to use the funding for expenses such as:

  • Cover payroll
  • Hire new employees
  • Increase sales and production
  • Invest in marketing
  • Accept new, larger accounts
  • Extend payment terms for clients
  • Combat seasonal sales patterns or periods of rapid growth
  • Pay off outstanding debt
  • Take advantage of early pay supplier discounts
  • Improve credit rating
  • Reduce collections expenses and administrative costs
  • Support day-to-day operations with steady cash flow

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How Does Small Business Factoring Work?

Factoring approval is based on the credit history of your customers. First, factors will analyze the financial strength of your customers to determine the risk. Therefore, the customer who owes on the invoice must have a decent repayment history to ensure the factor is not left with unpaid bills.

Once the factoring company approves your customers – say hello to cash flow! You will submit the invoice to the factor, and then you will receive a cash advance within 24 hours.

This beats waiting the usual 30 or 60 days for payment and enables companies to offer more generous payment terms to their clients.

Factoring is also flexible. Business owners can control the number and value of invoices pledged.

What Does Factor Finders Do for Small Businesses?

Factor Finders specializes in connecting small and mid-sized businesses with the best factoring companies, which means we listen to your wants and needs to match you with the right funding partner.

We can offer a variety of factoring options for businesses that include recourse factoring, non-recourse factoring and spot factoring. When we say flexible funding, we mean it. Factor when you want, how you want, with whom you want and for however long you want.

Factoring is The Easiest Business Decision You’ll Make!

Minimal paperwork required

Minimal underwriting required

It’s fast! Initial funding decisions can be made in as few as 24 hours

Factoring Companies Work With Small Businesses & Start-ups in All Industries

Factoring companies provide small businesses with simple, same-day funding. Companies often start factoring business invoices because they need immediate cash, but many continue due to the many benefits of having unlimited cash flow. There are no minimum volumes required to fund and the amount of available cash grows along with your business.

Factoring is the path to a stronger financial base for a small or medium-sized business. If your business has customers with a decent payment history, you’ll be eligible for business financing that is easier and more flexible than a traditional loan. Partner with an invoice factoring company that fits your business needs and get the cash flow necessary to grow today.

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— Carl, Small Business, Idaho

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