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Factoring for Software Development Companies

Invoice Factoring for Software Development Companies

Software companies have a lot of expenses that can add up quickly. Between equipment, payroll, and other expenses of owning a business, the costs add up. For software company business owners, these expenses that add can be unexpected, or higher than anticipated.

If you are one of these software development company business owners, you know how important it is to take new opportunities when you get them to beat out the competition. Taking these opportunities is the difference between failure and success.

Factoring for technology companies, such as software development, is a great option to bridge the gap between slow paying customers and strengthen your cash flow.

Benefits of Factoring for Software Development Businesses

Especially if you’re a smaller or newer software company, having the cash to finance new projects and pay employees on time is probably a challenge. It’s a good problem to have though because it means you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to grow you business. The advantages of financing through invoice factoring are:

  • Simple, straightforward application
  • Easy approval – based on your customers creditworthiness, not yours
  • Small businesses or startups can be approved
  • Does not create any debt for yourself or your business
  • Gives you the money to hire/pay employees or meet operating costs


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The Factoring Process for Software Development Businesses

The steps to invoice factoring are simple and straightforward, which is why it’s a popular financing option for businesses in the tech industry. money

1. Get the best factoring company for a software development company with Factor Finders.


2. Submit your invoices to the factoring company.

piggy bank

3. Receive the cash advance, minus a small percentage (the reserve), to meet payroll or cover other expenses.


4. Your customers will pay the factoring company on their usual payment terms.

cash money

5. The factor releases the reserve back to you, minus a small factoring fee.

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