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Clothing and Textile Invoice Factoring Process

July 13, 2022
Phil Cohen

The Process of Clothing and Textile Factoring

As the availability of bank financing decreases, textile companies are depending on invoice factoring solutions to thrive and grow. Textile factoring solutions release the working capital tied up in your textile and clothing invoices. The cash goes directly to your account, enabling you to better meet the needs of your customers, beat your competitors, and grow your clothing and textile business.

About AR Factoring for the Clothing and Textile Industry

Generate cash quickly by utilizing textile invoice factoring! It’s easy to get started:

Factor Finders pairs you with a funding source that is an expert in textile receivables factoring.

Issue your invoice to your customers, and then forward a copy of that invoice to the textile factoring company to receive an advance within 24 hours.

Your customers will send payments to the textile factoring specialist, and then forward the amount that was not initially advanced to your company less the factoring fee.

Continue selling additional invoices on an as needed basis.

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Purchase Order Financing Options

Factor Finders also works with companies seeking financing for large orders. We help textile and clothing business secure the cash to fulfill orders from prominent buyers. We’ll find you a factoring specialist to leverage your purchase order as collateral in exchange for cash. Our textile clients never have to miss an opportunity grow and expand due to a cash crunch. Learn more about our PO financing services.

Business Cash Advances

Factor Finders works with a variety of unsecured business lenders who can get your business approved for short-term funding with no contract.

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