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15 Must-Have Apps For Every Small Business Owner

Phil Cohen

The chaotic nature of running a small business can often make it feel like a lifestyle rather than a job. The mobile age is evolving the workplace; turning our cell phones, a device we like to think of as a social tool, into a ball and chain of business that makes it extremely difficult to truly leave “the office”. The beauty of the modern world, however, is that mobile devices can enable business owners to be in full control of their business at any time, in any place. These apps promise to make the life of any small business owner much easier as they offer assistance with organization, finance, and on-the-go interactions.

15 of the Best Apps for Small Businesses

Best Apps for Business Finances

  • Expensify: The tall task that every small business owner is faced with is managing their expenses and using them as well as they can. This can become an even more difficult task when you are expected to do this while on the road. Expensify allows its users to keep track of their mileage and expenses by enabling them to upload receipts and submit expense reports from any location.
  • Square: Have you ever found a potential customer outside of the office, but didn’t have any way to accept payment? Square won’t let that happen again as the app allows smartphones and tablets to easily accept credit card payments. Sign up is free and there are no monthly payment, they simply take 2.75% of every transaction.
  • Gusto: With Gusto’s platform, you can efficiently handle payroll tasks, manage employee benefits, and ensure compliance with regulations. Additionally, it allows you to calculate and file payroll taxes at both the state and federal levels. Alongside payroll management, Gusto enables you to track sick days, vacation time, and other leave entitlements. All in all, Gusto provides a full-service solution for all your payroll and HR needs.
  • QuickBooks: This comprehensive platform simplifies accounting tasks, payroll management, and more, offering a user-friendly interface that even those without an accounting background can navigate with ease. From tracking expenses and generating invoices to ensuring accurate payroll processing, QuickBooks streamlines financial workflows, allowing businesses to focus more on growth and less on administrative hassles.
  • Expensify: With its intuitive platform, this robust tool simplifies the entire expense management process. From receipt scanning and automatic expense categorization to seamless reimbursement workflows, Expensify ensures accuracy and efficiency in financial tracking. Businesses can bid farewell to manual data entry and tedious reconciliations, as Expensify automates these tasks, allowing teams to redirect their efforts towards strategic decision-making.

Best Apps for Communication

  • Slack: A highly useful productivity app that facilitates work-friendly instant messaging within teams. It offers a plethora of features that enhance communication and collaboration, making it a valuable tool for businesses. Whether you’re using your computer or a mobile device, Slack enables you to send messages to your team members quickly and efficiently, without the need for unnecessary meetings or excessive email exchanges.
  • Skype: When it comes to video and chatting small business apps, Skype stands out as one of the most popular choices available. This app offers a wide range of features including text messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and the ability to include up to 25 participants in a call.
  • Teams: In addition to Skype, Microsoft offers Microsoft Teams. This business-specific version provides access to basic features for free and offers enhanced capabilities through its paid plans. These options enable small businesses to effectively communicate and collaborate through video and chat platforms.
  • Zoom: With its seamless video conferencing and collaboration features, Zoom ensures that teams stay connected effortlessly. Whether hosting virtual meetings, conducting webinar, or facilitating real-time collaboration on projects, Zoom provides a robust and user-friendly platform. Its versatility bridges distances, fostering a sense of unity and productivity among team members regardless of their physical locations.
  • GoToMeeting: You can host unlimited meetings with high-definition (HD) video. In addition to video, you can utilize screen sharing to present your screen or specific applications to participants. It also allows you to incorporate a dial-in conference line, giving participants the option to join meetings via phone call. GoToMeeting provides seamless integration with Office 365 or Google Calendar, making it convenient to schedule and join meetings from within your preferred calendar application. Additionally, you have the flexibility to use GoToMeeting on both your computer and mobile device, allowing you to host or join meetings on the go.

Best Apps for Project Management

  • Evernote: “Remember Everything.” Sounds like a small business owner’s fantasy, right? Well pinch yourself, because it’s real. Evernote allows users to store, organize and share anything from text to voice notes in order to keep track of the brilliant ideas you have. Forbes reported that the app has generated $166 million in funding to continue its growth and helpful features.
  • Basecamp: Users can create separate categories for their projects, instead of using a single to-do list system like Trello or Asana. These categories include a chatroom, where project members can communicate and share ideas in real-time. Additionally, there is a message board feature for posting important announcements and updates.
  • Trello: This versatile card-based system streamlines the creation, assignment, monitoring, updating, and completion of various tasks, ensuring enhanced productivity and efficiency among team members. By offering seamless integration with other small business applications like Evernote and Slack, Trello enhances collaboration and coordination across different platforms. Whether accessed online or through a mobile device, Trello provides convenient accessibility. It also offers an unlimited free version, as well as paid options, making it an accessible and cost-effective solution for task and workflow management.
  • Asana: Instead of relying on visual cards like Trello, Asana utilizes a highly customizable list format. This allows you to design your task management system according to your specific preferences. The fundamental concept, however, remains the same: utilizing a specialized system to effectively manage your tasks leads to improved productivity for your entire team.
  • Monday.com: Offers a lifeline to small businesses seeking efficient project management solutions. With its intuitive and customizable platform, this tool transforms project coordination into a streamlined, collaborative experience. From task assignment to progress tracking and deadline management, Monday.com empowers small businesses to enhance productivity, foster effective communication, and ensure successful project outcomes.

Small business factoring

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