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How to Be a Successful Staffing Recruiter – Do You Have What it Takes?

Phil Cohen

In order for staffing agencies to be successful, they need successful recruiters. If you are the owner of a staffing company, you may have asked yourself, “What are some characteristics of successful recruiters?” or if you are the recruiter, “How can I become a better recruiter?” Everyone is different, but there are some qualities people either naturally have, or can develop, that help them succeed in the competitive world of staffing recruiting.

8 Characteristics of a Successful Recruiter

Overall, versatility is important in a company, but these 8 characteristics are some of the most important for a successful staffing recruiter.

1. Strives to Reach Goals

To succeed in the recruiting industry, having an ambitious attitude is a must. Setting personal daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals will make achievements more rewarding and help you perform to the best of your ability. To reach goals, whether it’s to make a certain number of cold-calls a day or a set number of clients in a week, persistency and motivation will help you get there.

2. Pays Extreme Attention to Detail

From existing clients calling, connecting with referrals and new clients, searching job lists, keeping up with paperwork and countless other tasks, there is a lot of room for error and forgetfulness as a recruiter. Lists are a great organizational tool for recruiters, so try making to-do lists to help you complete tasks on a short-term or long-term basis, and to remember all the crazy details of your day.

3. Ability to Focus

You can plan out exactly what you want to do from the moment you step into the office until you go home, but because you days are never the same you’ll need to be focused. If positions must be filled immediately, a sense of urgency and recognizing the importance is a must. If time management is a weakness, maintaining focus can help strengthen it.  To be a successful staffing recruiter, try to tune out common workplace distractions in order to work efficiently, leading then to succeeding.

4. Can Work Quickly

Multitasking and prioritizing are the only way to get through everything in the day and maintain timeliness (and sanity). Quickly evaluating which actions will give you the best results and creating a checklist is not only helpful to remember details, but also useful for fast-paced work environments that recruiters need to adapt to.


5. Possesses Strong Self-Confidence

Let’s be honest, recruiting can be challenging. Trusting your skills and knowledge help make the difficult parts of the job easier to deal with and lead to more advances. Not only do you need to have confidence in yourself, you need to have confidence in your clients to help them succeed, which leads to you personally succeed in your career.

6. Resilience

Recruiting does involve cold-calling, which can sometimes lead to rejection. Getting hung up on, being blamed for client’s problems or failures, and other negatives that come with the job can leave a recruiter feeling like a failure, but in order to bounce back and succeed, resilience is essential.

7. Ability to Build Relationships that Last

Most people working with you probably have the option to work with someone else. Providing a quality service to them comes down to consistency and respect, which will foster and grow relationships. Building strong relationships leads to satisfied clients and job seekers, which means more referrals and repeat clients.

8. Dependable

To build strong relationships with clients and job seekers, you need to be reliable. If you make a promise to a client, you should be able to keep it. This includes communicating clearly with clients and being mindful of promised deadlines. Open communication and honesty with your clients or job seekers will allow them to hold you accountable and make you a dependable, successful professional.

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