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How to Create a Successful Elevator Pitch for Small Business Owners

Phil Cohen


What is an elevator pitch and how can it help your small business become successful? An elevator pitch is a short description that explains what your business does. It is given the name “elevator pitch” because you should be able to describe your business’ overview within the time it takes to ride in an elevator, roughly under two minutes.

A Successful Small Business Owner Needs to Plan an Engaging Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a great tool to rehearse so that you can be prepared when you meet someone unexpectedly. It is a very important thing to have down pat when you meet an old friend, stranger, or a potential client and they ask about your company. An elevator pitch not only provides a listener with a sense of what your small business is about, but it also helps you narrow down how you want your company to be presented.

Read over these tips to help your small business become successful while utilizing an elevator pitch.

5 Tips for Answering, “What do you do for a living?”

1- Define your Position with the Business

Start off the elevator pitch by stating what you are to the small business. Something like, “I am a business owner of…” This quickly describes your authority with the business right off the bat. This will immediately grab the listener’s attention and have them focused on you.

2- State a Problem

State the problem that your successful small business solves. Every business has a problem that they are trying to solve for their consumer. It doesn’t matter if it is a big or small problem, as long as the problem is associated with your specific line of work. This is a great way to partner to your description of what your business does.

3- Describe What your Small Business Does

Use descriptive words to tell your listener what your successful business does whether it’s selling a product, consulting, etc. Using your mission statement as a guide will help you narrow down exactly what you should say. It is also important to state who your target consumer is so that the listener can better understand what type of business you are running.

4- Make it Personal

Making a connection to your consumers is important to have to show a compassionate side to your small business. Elevator pitches are meant to engage, not to put someone to sleep. You want to make whatever you do seem relatable to other people. Show that you stand by your business and believe that it can help consumers. Even relating it back to yourself in a short story about why you decided to start this business is a good way to connect. After all, it is your business.

5- Next Steps

Show that your business is moving forward. Have a statement saying that you are progressing. Possibly say you have a new project in the works, hiring more staff, or you’re testing out a new theory. Anything to show that you are striving to be the best and most successful company in your industry.

How else can you be prepared?

An elevator pitch is all about showing that you are prepared and know your small business. Being prepared also means that you have the sufficient funds to keep it moving forward. Invoice factoring companies can provide you with the money you need by factoring your account receivables. Don’t waste hours searching the Internet for a reliable factor, Factor Finders will partner you with the best factoring company in your industry to suit all your small business needs.

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