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Factoring Hurricane Florence Recovery Projects

Phil Cohen

Help Those Who Need It Most With Disaster Recovery Factoring

Editor’s note: This article contains outdated content but has been left up for anyone searching for this information. Check the Factor Finders blog section to find our more recent content.

Hurricane Florence is continuing to wreak havoc along the southeastern shoreline of the United States. North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are all facing serious problems including flooding, wind damage and extensive power outages as this storm makes its way inland.

These states are usually not the target of tropical storms and are not properly equipped to handle the amount of rainfall and the severity of wind Hurricane Florence is bringing.

State and local governments are still urging those who can to leave their homes before floodwaters rise even higher. However, several cities are currently not able to be evacuated due to flooded roads. These roads are also making it difficult for those roughing out serious flooding to receive the supplies that they most likely need.

If you work in construction, staffing, trucking or oil, you can help those affected by Hurricane Florence by working to rebuild their homes, businesses, roads and lives. Don’t worry about how you’re going to do it, we can help your company get the funding it needs to provide aid by factoring its unpaid invoices.

factoring for hurricane florence

The Economic Toll of Hurricane Florence

The rain and heavy winds brought on by Hurricane Florence are expected to cost the affected areas a whopping $170.2 billion dollars in cleanup according to the Charlotte Business Journal. An estimated 758,657 homes in Florence’s path are in need of repair. Vehicle damage is also adding to the bill – North Carolina alone is expected to lose around 30,000 vehicles due to the storm.

In terms of insurance costs, catastrophe modeler Risk Management Solutions says losses are projected to be anywhere in between $15 and $20 billion dollars.

Gas prices are on the rise following the rush of consumers to the pump as they fled the affected areas. It is unclear if any oil facilities have been damaged due to the storm.

Home improvement retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot have already seen a spike in sales with more to follow as floodwaters recede.

factoring for hurricane florence

The Demand For Cleanup Increases

The demand for after-storm cleanup is skyrocketing. State and local governments, as well as the nation as a whole, are calling for contractors to assist them with cleanup, rebuilding and everything in-between.

If your business is looking to help those in Hurricane Florence’s path get back on their feet after the storm, we can help. Grab government and business contracts affiliated with Hurricane Florence repair on an online load board or contracting site and then give us a call. We’ll match you with a factoring company that can get you funded so you can help those in Florence’s wake rebuild their homes, businesses and facilities from the ground up.

Pick up some FEMA loads, sign a contract with a company in the affected states or volunteer your time to help remove debris and displace water. Your business can make a difference in the lives of those who lost everything in this storm. Not sure if your business can help? Relief work comes in many forms — see if what you do qualifies as disaster recovery work.

Can’t offer your services? Donate. All donations that are given to The Red Cross, AmeriCares and All Hands All Hearts go directly towards those hit by Hurricane Florence.

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