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Virginia Invoice Factoring

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If your business needs additional capital, Virginia factoring companies provide quick cash without adding debt to your balance sheet. Yet, there are many VA factoring companies to choose from – so how can you be sure they’ll work for your business? Factor Finders makes it easy to locate the best factoring company for your business needs. We partner with a large network of factoring companies in Virginia and throughout the U.S., which allows us to fit you with the perfect factor for your business goals. Our dedicated factoring representatives take the time to understand your business model and funding needs to find you the perfect match.

Why is Invoice Factoring Better Than Getting a Loan?

Requirements for bank financing are strict and the process is lengthy. A Virginia factoring company offers services that banks do not, including unlimited funding 24/7, a dedicated account manager and back office support. Banks will only provide a small business loan, and they rarely approve more than one loan, making it hard for businesses to expand. And… then there’s the debt that accompanies a small business bank loan. A Virginia factoring company will get your business the cash you need, without the debt you hate.

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Why Work with an Invoice Factoring Company in Virginia?

Factor Finders services include asset-based lending, equipment leasing, payroll funding, PO Financing, and invoice factoring for companies in any industry that need additional capital. Partnering with a Virginia invoice factoring company is beneficial in many ways:
  • Decisions are primarily based on your customer’s credit
  • Factoring provides lower borrowing rates compared to banks
  • There is no need to provide financial statements
  • Factoring rates are as low as 1.59%
  • Funding within 3 to 5 business days
  • Provides no additional debt on balance sheet
  • Provide expert advice on customer’s credit terms
  • Flexible process to add more customers at any time

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Virginia Factoring Companies Work with Many Industries

Start-up companies and growing organizations that need additional cash flow can benefit from Factor Finders, which offers Virginia factoring rates as low as 1.59%. Invoice factoring services can help fund Virginia companies in multiple industries within 3 to 5 business days. Industries served by invoice factoring companies include:

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