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Cash Flow Factoring

July 13, 2022
Phil Cohen

Streamline Your Cash Flow with Factoring Companies

Slow paying customers can tie up your working capital, but cash flow factoring with Factor Finders can loosen the knot. Factor Finders will partner you with dedicated factoring companies to suit your cash flow needs. No matter where you are located in the U.S., Factor Finders can help grow your small business with factoring.

What You Should Know About Cash Flow Factoring

Cash flow factoring is a financing alternative to traditional bank loans. Instead of borrowing money and creating new debt, factoring simply converts your earned invoices into cash you can use immediately. It is not a loan, so there is no debt to repay.

How Factoring Helps Your Business Cash Flow

Once your business is approved, you will be able to submit your current unpaid invoices to the cash flow factoring company. They will verify that the work has been completed with your customer, and then advance you up to 98% of the invoice value. Use that cash to cover your everyday business expenses! Once the amount has been paid back to the factor from the customer, the remaining percentage will be returned minus a factoring fee. Learn more about the process of factoring.

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Benefits of Cash Flow Factoring

Besides fast cash, there are many additional benefits to choosing a cash flow factoring program through Factor Finders:

  • Flexibility – factor only the invoices you want, when you need to secure your cash flow.
  • Fast approval – Get approved in 3 days, and funded within 24 hours – even with poor credit.
  • Credit improvement – pay off your debts and clean up your credit report for future financing.
  • Control your costs – get early-pay discounts from your creditors to save even more money.
  • Back office support – free credit and background checks on your customers help you save both time and money!

Let Factor Finders Support Your Cash Flow Requirements

Pretty much every business experiences cash flow challenges from time to time. We work with businesses in nearly every industry across the United States to improve their cash flow and pursue future growth.

No matter your company’s size or situation, we have expert cash flow factoring companies ready to serve you. Don’t wait another day to settle your cash flow issues, get your quote free today.

Industries We Serve:

Oil & Gas
…and more!

Get Back Control of Your Cash Flow with Factoring

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Cash Flow Factoring: A Case Study

Factor Finders  helped the leaders of a manufacturing company solve a cash flow problem with a customized  factoring program.

Facing a tight money situation, the president and his CEO first ruled out non-financing alternatives such as shortening their customers’ payment period or extending their payments to suppliers. They wanted to avoid driving customers to the competition, but they also wanted to continue treating their supply partners well. After all, their suppliers already extended generous terms by not requiring payment on in-house inventory until it was sold for finished products.

With few other options, the company requested cash flow factoring information from Factor Finders. They found that unlike a traditional bank line of credit, they did not have to go through a lengthy credit review process or provide collateral to guarantee their financial stability.

We were able to offer the company a factoring program that helped them close the cash flow gap without an extended due diligence period. They were able to continue offering generous terms to their customers, attract new customers, and pay their suppliers on time.

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