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About Medical Equipment Leasing

Medical Equipment Leasing

Leasing for Medical Equipment

Healthcare providers can gain credit line increases through Factor Finders’ medical equipment leasing program. The program is ideal for fast-growing firms in need of more working capital.

Medical Providers Operate More Smoothly with Equipment Leasing Perks

Businesses needing to update or acquire new equipment can use Factor Finders’ instead tying up their working capital. Equipment leasing allows organizations to utilize the latest machinery without experiencing price restrictions or budget problems.

Customers who lease equipment enjoy the freedom to create their own terms. Instead of making rigid payments on purchased items or paying the total cost upfront, practitioners can acquire the specific equipment they need on generous lease terms. Healthcare providers regularly access all the benefits of equipment ownership without exorbitant costs. Additional equipment can be leased according to strategic growth goals. A company’s financial statements also improve as rental payments do not add debt to the balance sheet.

Individual Practitioners and Group Practices Qualify for Equipment Leasing

Medical equipment leasing rates are assessed based on the age of the company and the physician’s duration of time in practice. Individual practitioners must provide a bank reference, personal guarantee, and show proof of their medical license. Each physician in a group practice will be evaluated as well.

Factor Finders uses generous criteria for establishing medical equipment leasing rates:

Businesses younger than one year can rent $75,000 worth of equipment.
Organizations older than one year can rent $150,000 worth of equipment.

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