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Disaster Recovery Invoice Factoring

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Disaster Recovery Factoring Services

When natural disasters happen, people come together to fix what has been damaged and affected. As a business owner, you might find your services in high demand and have an ability to take new projects. Invoice factoring, a form of funding, will increase your cash flow quickly so you can do the work you need to do. Whether the clients you’re billing are in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina or any other U.S. state, we can get you the funding you need. Factoring can be a great option for many different industries and we can get your business funded with these services:

  • Spot factoring
  • FEMA invoice factoring
  • Accounts receivable (invoice) factoring

All with the most competitive rates in the financing industry, from funders who want to help your business. Learn about the benefits of factoring invoices.

Why Factor Your Invoices for Disaster Relief Projects?

When you’re working for disaster recovery from a hurricane, tornado or flood, you may be billing the local, state or federal government and you may not get paid for  30-60+ days, sometimes longer. This makes it hard to for you to pay other expenses or continue to work on the project or task due to a lack of cash flow. Factoring can give you the funds you need to make payroll, continue taking opportunities and deal with the constantly changing cash flow volumes.


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trucking for supplies

Factoring for Disaster Recovery Transportation

In times when disaster strikes, the increased demand for relief supplies and debris removal means that trucking will be in high demand as well. Whether you’re hauling for FEMA, DOT or a local government, the payment process for government contracts will be slow. Transportation factoring helps you get the cash you need to continue accepting new jobs and have steady funds.

If your loads are booked through a freight broker government contract, disaster recovery factoring can be valuable for you because there are no minimum volume requirements, discount fuel cards, fuel advances and other additional benefits. When a hurricane, tornado or flood happens, gas prices can increase and having fuel cards or advances can be the make or break point for hauling a load. Don’t turn down the opportunity to help with disaster relief and grow your trucking business.

A variety of different truck types are needed to haul disaster loads. Some examples are:

  • Dump trucks to haul away debris.
  • Auto haulers to remove damaged vehicles.
  • Refrigerated trucks to bring fresh food and water to the disaster area.
  • Cargo trucks to haul clean clothes and construction supplies to the affected area.
  • Flatbed trucks to bring in and take out large machines needed to help clean up debris.

staffing after disaster

Staffing Factoring for Recovery Efforts

When a natural disaster strikes, the increase in demand for staffing agencies can rise quickly and unexpectedly. Your clients may pay you in 30-60+ days, making it hard to for you to pay other expenses due to a lack of cash flow. In staffing factoring for disaster relief, it may take even longer because you’ll be working with local, state or federal organizations that have a lot of paperwork to go through.

Other than helping you fund payroll, factoring will provide your staffing agency the cash to accept the contract in the first place. It takes money to take new opportunities and factoring solves the problem that temporary staffing agencies face, varying cash flow volumes.

Many different agencies will need to staff extra workers for disaster relief efforts. Some examples are:

  • Security guards to protect assets left behind after a natural disaster.
  • Cleanup crews to remove debris from streets and homes.
  • Relief crews to help distribute food, water and necessities to those who decided to stay during a natural disaster and now need aid.

construction factoring

Construction Factoring for Disaster Relief

The power of hurricanes, storms, tornadoes and earthquakes can be so strong that the damage left behind is overwhelming. Construction companies are responsible for rebuilding what was destroyed and fixing infrastructure from concrete work to demolition, utilities and eventually landscaping.

As a construction company business owner, you understand the stress of needing to purchase new equipment, pay your workers and cover upfront costs of projects and we understand that you need a solution that gets you the money immediately without long-term contracts, and construction factoring is right for your business when you have disaster recovery projects.

Construction factoring for disaster recovery can be many different things. If your company is doing something similar to what is listed below, you will benefit from factoring your disaster relief efforts.

  • Rebuilding homes and businesses after a natural disaster.
  • Using construction equipment to demolish damaged homes and buildings.
  • Using construction equipment to removed debris left over after a natural disaster.
  • Repaving roads and creating new sidewalks after a natural disaster destroyed the previous ones.

oil and gas factoring

Oilfield Factoring After Disaster

Hiring new staff after a disaster to work for your oil company is the only way to get it running at its full potential. In order to pay these employees, you need the cash from invoices that might not be paid for weeks. Oilfield factoring after a natural disaster solves this problem and helps you focus on getting your job done well rather than stressing about paying your workers.

The oil and gas industry is obviously an important part of the economy and when it is affected by a disaster such as a hurricane, it is felt nationwide. Factoring helps oilfield businesses that do environmental cleanup, fracking services, oilfield equipment rental and more.

Oilfield factoring can provide funding for your company if it is doing something similar to these situations:

  • Staffing new oilfield workers to get rigs up and running after a natural disaster.
  • Staffing workers to man rigs and operating stations.
  • Sending workers to other oil companies to help them repair damages.

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