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Payroll Factoring for Hospitality Staffing

Funding For Hospitality Staffing

Factor Finders is an expert in factoring for the staffing industry. We realize that funding is essential for staffing companies, and we have the cash flow solutions you need to grow and retain profitability. Factor Finders works with small, medium, and large hospitality staffing companies to help them maximize their business.

How Does Factoring For Hospitality Staffing Work?

Factor Finders makes the payroll factoring process as simple as possible. We buy your open invoices and pay you approximately 90% of their value. We bill your customers according to their original terms. Once your customers pay us, we forward you the balance of the invoice minus our average factoring rate of 1.59%.

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Fast and Easy Staffing Funding

Whether you have been in business awhile, or if you are just starting, Factor Finders can help you get the funding you need, so that your cash flow will never hold you back from accepting bigger contracts.

•  First time approval in 3 to 5 business days

•  You receive funding within 24 hours or less

•  No complicated paperwork

•  We check your customers’ credit, not yours

•  We handle customer references

Our factoring experience spans decades. Over those years, we have developed an outstanding team of factoring companies. We get to know your company, and we match you with a factoring company that we are confident will fit your needs.

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Hospitality Staffing Factoring For Your Business

We provide a variety of invoice factoring services, including:

  • Ability to view your reports online
  • Collections
  • A professional assigned to aid you with all aspects of the factoring transaction
  • Additional customers get free credit analysis

Factor Finders understands the staffing industry inside and out. Whether you place for area supervisors, painters, waiters, or hotel operations, our funding will stimulate your hospitality staffing business.

Additional invoice factoring services for hospitality staffing:

  • Accounts receivable management
  • Accounting
  • Service desk
  • Billing
  • Payroll

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