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Choosing the Best Staffing Factoring Company for Your Business

Staffing Agency Invoice Factoring

Staffing companies often find themselves in the dilemma of not receiving payment for several weeks while still needing to meet their weekly or bi-weekly payroll obligations.

The purpose of factoring for staffing agencies is to address their cash flow needs. By factoring their invoices, they can bridge the gap between delayed payments from clients and the need to meet regular payroll obligations.

Not all factoring companies for staffing agencies are created equal. Many claim to understand the temporary staffing industry, but oftentimes don’t. Staffing companies will get the most from working with a factoring company that offers programs tailored to their business, not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to funding. How can business owners decipher the best staffing factoring companies from the less than stellar ones?

The Advantages of Factoring

Factoring offers several advantages that make it an attractive financing solution for staffing companies. Factoring allows companies to convert their unpaid invoices into immediate working capital, providing them with the necessary funds to meet payroll obligations. Unlike a traditional bank loan, factoring does not create any additional debt for the business, making it a financially viable option.

One of the key advantages of factoring is the ease of approval. Factoring companies base their approval on the creditworthiness of the business’s customers, rather than the business’s own credit history.

Additionally, factoring offers a significant benefit by acting as an outsourced accounts receivable collections department. The factoring company takes on the responsibility of collecting payments from customers, saving the business valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on chasing down payments. This streamlined process can result in improved cash flow management and increased efficiency for staffing businesses and other industries that heavily rely on receivables.

The Disadvantages of Factoring

Factoring, although a helpful financing solution for staffing companies, does come with its disadvantages. One of the most significant drawbacks is the cost associated with factoring.

In comparison to long-term loans, most near-term financing solutions, including factoring, tend to have higher fees. These fees are determined by factoring companies based on the length of time customers take to pay their invoices. For instance, invoices that are due in 120 days often attract higher rates compared to those due in just 60 days.

Another disadvantage of factoring is the potential impact on the business-customer relationship. When a company decides to factor its receivables, it essentially hands over the responsibility of collecting payments to the factoring company. This transfer of collection efforts can create a disconnect between the business and its customers. Customers may feel frustrated or even alienated by the involvement of a third-party in the payment process, which can strain the relationship.

Additionally, factoring arrangements are not always flexible. Factoring companies typically have certain criteria and conditions that need to be met in order to qualify for their services. This means that smaller businesses with limited credit history or lower invoice volumes may find it challenging to meet these requirements and may be excluded from accessing factoring as a financing option.

Factoring may not be suitable for all industries or types of businesses. Certain sectors, such as those with long payment cycles or clients who are not amenable to third-party involvement, may not benefit from factoring. In such cases, businesses may encounter difficulties in finding a reliable factoring partner or may face limitations in the amount of funding they can receive.

Lastly, the reliance on factoring as a consistent financing solution may hinder a company’s ability to build its creditworthiness. Since factoring is primarily based on the strength of the accounts receivables, it does not contribute to establishing a business’s credit history or improving its credit score in the same way that repaying a loan would.

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What Should Staffing Agencies Look for in a Factoring Company?

1. Trustworthy Reputation

The reputation of a staffing factoring company is crucial. Do your research when trying to narrow down the best factor for your business. Ask colleagues and others in your industry if they have experience working with an invoice factoring company.

Perform a thorough internet search on the names of potential staffing factoring companies. Check the Better Business Bureau. Request bank references and client references within the staffing industry, read testimonials and a summary of their financial status.

The factoring company you work with should have a reliable credit history and a list of long-term clients. Remember, the staffing factor will work on behalf of your company, so a demonstrated track record of professionalism is a must.

2. Experience with Staffing Agency Factoring

Note which factoring companies have been around for a long time. Those who have been in practice for awhile will have proven track records and a solid understanding of the unique financial needs of staffing agencies. The staffing factoring company should be able to demonstrate financial stability throughout multiple business cycles. Factoring companies with ten years of invoice factoring experience are generally well established.

3. Industry Knowledge

Not all invoice factoring companies have extensive staffing industry knowledge. The best factoring companies understand that every industry has unique staffing needs. Experienced staffing factoring companies possess the specific know-how to manage the financial needs of staffing agencies across a wide range of industries. Whether it’s nurse staffing, temporary staffing, medical staffing, IT staffing or construction staffing, choosing a factoring company that understands your particular staffing firm is key to managing your business growth.

4. Competitive Factoring Rates and Flexible Terms

Competitive factoring rates are important. Of course, it’s smart to check out multiple factoring companies to get a feel for what constitutes a fair rate, but keep in mind that the lowest factoring rates aren’t always what they seem. Hidden factoring fees and lengthy terms may accompany low rates. Be sure the staffing factor offers flexible terms that work for your business. Flexible terms will enable your staffing company to choose the invoices you want to factor as needed. Discuss the terms, fees, and conditions of payment before selecting a staffing factor.

5. Additional Factoring Services

Factoring services often go beyond increasing your cash flow. Does the funding company include additional factoring services that will help you grow your business? Account management and back-office services should be part of your decision. Many staffing factoring companies offer administrative support, payroll funding including payroll checks, payroll reporting, invoicing, and invoice mailing as part of their factoring service free of charge.

This way, you can get back to developing your business and save money on payroll because you won’t need to hire additional administrative staff. A dependable factor will readily provide up-to-date information about your account and invoice payment collection. The top staffing factoring companies offer high-tech reporting capabilities and 24/7 access to information online.

Factoring is an Easy Way to Fund Your Staffing Agency

Invoice factoring can provide the working capital to cover payroll, obtain back office support and grow your company.

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