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Boost Your Cash Flow with Invoice Factoring

Waiting on slow-paying customers is frustrating. Factoring helps small business owners get paid faster by turning their outstanding receivables into immediate cash. It’s a fast and affordable short-term funding option that can get your business the working capital you need to grow.

Get Paid for Outstanding Invoices Right Away

Factoring is a smart financing alternative for small business owners who could use a boost in working capital. Since factoring is not a loan, it’s a perfect way to achieve stable cash flow without taking on additional debt. Approval is easy and it’s based on your customer’s ability to pay, not your personal or business credit history.  It all starts with an invoice factoring quote!

Discover Why Many Small Businesses Choose Invoice Factoring

  • Cash advances up to 97%
  • Low fees from 0.69% – 1%
  • High approval rates
  • Business funding in as little as 24 hours
  • Simple application process
  • The amount of available funding grows with your sales volume
  • No long term contract
  • Startups welcome

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 How Invoice Factoring Works

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Whether you are looking for the lowest fees or most flexible programs, Factor Finders has got your business funding needs covered. Solve your cash flow challenges today and get back to what’s most important: growing your business. For a free invoice factoring quote, call (216) 292-5660

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