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Alaska Invoice Factoring

Why Choose an Alaskan Factoring Company?

Do you need cash in order to take your business to the next level? Or, are you in need of working capital to revitalize your company after a tough financial period? Managing a small business can be hard. Keeping track of the money you owe and the cash flow that you need to produce can be a difficult task to remain conscious of. If you need cash to cover the operating costs of your business, look no further; Alaska factoring companies have all of the answers to your problems.

Using an Alaska factoring company can be one of the most business-friendly options in order to keep your company afloat with financial payments and maintain a calendar that cannot afford to slow down. Contrary to taking out a bank loan, using an Alaska factoring company will not force you into debt. Rather, they will purchase your outstanding invoices and advance you the cash you need in order to keep your business moving forward. You get the working capital that you would otherwise have to wait up to 90 days for without ever going into debt!

What Makes Factor Finders Different?

Factor Finders has been proudly partnered with Alaska factoring companies for decades. We boast a wide network of professional factoring companies that specialize in nearly every industry. We promise to find you the Alaska factoring company that best meets the needs of your particular company. Whether you are just starting your business, or have been in business for a long time, Factor Finders can help your large or small business obtain the working capital needed.

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Other Reasons to Consider Alaska Factoring

Easy Application Process: Qualifying for invoice factoring requires much fewer documents than traditional bank loans as it offers a streamlined underwriting process. To get started, simply submit a list of current customers, invoices you wish to factor, and your company’s Articles of Incorporation with a very brief factoring application.

Quick Turn Around: Alaska factoring companies will review your application and get you back on your feet in 3-5 business days! Other funding arrangements can take weeks or even months to get you the working capital you need, however when you work with factoring companies in Alaska, you are priority number one.

No Credit Check: Traditional bank loans can be a challenge to obtain, particularly if you lack sufficient collateral, such as a building or machinery. Banks require you to fill out an inordinate amount of paperwork as well as conduct extensive credit checks. Factoring with an Alaska company does not require an in depth analysis of your credit history. Instead, the success of the transaction depends on your customer’s ability to repay their invoices in a specified time frame, therefore the customer’s credit worthiness is much more important than yours.

Lowest Rates in the Industry: Factoring companies in Alaska partner with Factor Finders to offer the lowest rates in a plethora of industries, some as low as 1.59% for every 30 days an invoice is open. The particular rates your company receives, however, depends on your customer history and sales volume.

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Alaskan Invoice Factoring Industries

Invoice factoring can accommodate almost any industry. Don’t see yours listed? Check out the full list here or contact us! We’d be more than happy to assist.

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