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Connecticut Invoice Factoring

Looking for a Connecticut Factoring Company?

Are you a Connecticut business in need of a factoring company? If so, Factor Finders can help. Connecticut is full of close knit communities with businesses and financial institutions. This allows the community to be a great deal more personalized when it comes to lending and borrowing. The factoring companies in Connecticut are no different.

Connecticut factoring companies help businesses in need of cash flow with accounts receivable factoring which will help your business meet expenses, payroll or purchase new equipment as needed. Factor Finders can match your business to a Connecticut factoring company that will help you get the money your business needs, fast.

What Exactly is Receivable Factoring?

When you need additional capital to continue operating your Connecticut business, accounts receivable factoring is a great alternative to a bank loan.

Accounts receivable factoring is when a factoring company purchases your receivables at a discounted rate, and in return provides you with the cash you need. Once the account is paid in full, the account is handed back over to you minus a factoring fee.

There is no loan to repay or any debt added to your balance sheet.

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How Factor Finders Can Help Your Connecticut Business

Factor Finders has always offered invoice factoring and other types of business loans from the best factoring companies in the world. Factor Finders customers do not have to search high and low, comparing different factoring companies to each other one by one – they can contact us and we’ll do that for you! We know that time is money and when you’re already concerned about where and when your next paycheck is coming from, you don’t have time to waste.

We’ve spent years expanding our nationwide network of partners and cultivating relationships with our account managers — let us use our expertise to help your business find the best factoring company for your needs!

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More Information About Invoice Factoring in Connecticut

How Does It Work?

Invoice factoring is much easier than you might think! The process is generally as follows:

 First, after a short application and approval process, you submit the invoices of completed work or delivered products to your invoice factoring company

 Then, your factoring company will verify the invoice with your debtor. Once completed, they’ll advance you up to 95% of the invoice within 24 hours!

 Once your debtor pays the invoice factoring company, the rest of the invoice will be remitted back to you, minus a small fee for utilizing invoice factoring services!

 Repeat the process as many times as you like, with as many invoices and clients as you wish! The process is completely customizable and up to you!

What Industries Can Use Invoice Factoring?

Factor Finders partners with trustworthy and dependable factoring companies that are experts in the follow industries:

Freight Bill Factoring

Medical Receivables

Temporary Staffing


Oil & Gas

Plus many more

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