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Georgia Invoice Factoring

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Georgia is home to one of the burgeoning business communities in the United States, having created a positive environment for businesses of all types to thrive. One of the most important aspects of this culture is the ability of companies to obtain funding for short term expenses, long term expansion strategies, or emergency expenses.

If you’ve recently survived a rough financial period or are simply looking to expand your business, factoring companies in Georgia are the place for you to find solace. They use a process called invoice factoring to purchase your outstanding invoices and advance you the cash you need in order to keep your business up and running at the proper speed. The purchase of outstanding invoices is an advantageous strategy that benefits both you and your customers, as it does not force your business into debt and allows the factoring company to deal with your customer directly. Rather than waiting the traditional payment period of up to 90 days, factoring companies allow your business to get immediate access of the working capital you have already earned!

Factor Finders is your leading source for locating Georgia factoring companies to help your business secure the additional funds it needs — and quickly!

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How Your Georgia Business Can Grow From Invoice Factoring


  • No debt
  • Funding in as little as 24 hours
  • No loans to repay
  • Tangible assets are not used as collateral
  • Programs are flexible


Advantages to Factoring with a Georgia Factoring Company

Whether you need a factoring company in Atlanta or elsewhere in the state, Factor Finders ensures that your business will be paired with the best Georgia invoice factoring companies to meet your unique financial needs. Here are several advantages to using a Georgia factoring company as opposed to other forms of funding:

Effortless Application Process

There is much less paperwork involved with invoice factoring than with traditional funding arrangements. We also do not require any sort of collateral or past financial statements. To apply, simply complete our brief application and include a list of your current customers, the invoices you wish to factor, and your company’s Articles of Incorporation.

Immediate Cash

Once approved, a Georgia factoring company will advance you your cash within 24 hours. Bank loans and other forms of funding often take weeks, sometimes even months, to get you the working capital you need to continue your business. Even better, once you receive your advance, a Georgia factoring company will take the responsibility of retrieving payment from your customer off your hands so that you can continue business as normal.

No History Required

Traditional bank loans can be very difficult to obtain, especially if you lack sufficient collateral. Banks require tons of paperwork as well as expensive credit checks before you can even get started with cash arrangements. Using a Georgia factoring company allows you to skip all the paperwork and get to work. Your customer’s ability to pay the invoice on time is what matters most to us.

Lowest Rates in the Industry

Factor Finders partners with factoring companies in all over the USA to offer the lowest rates in many industries, some even as low as 1.59% for every 30 days an invoice is open. The rates per company, however, depend on your sales volume and customer history.

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How Does the Invoice Factoring Process Work?

First, you’ll have to fill out a brief application. Approval generally takes 3-5 business days.

Then, you can invoice your clients as usual for completed goods/services. The factoring company will buy up to 95% of the invoice and advance you the cash within 24-hours!

Once your debtor pays the invoice in-full to the factoring company, the remainder of the invoice will be released to you, minus a small factoring fee.

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