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Kansas Invoice Factoring

Kansas Invoice Factoring Companies

Need money but don’t want to sink further into debt from taking out a bank loan? Tired of waiting for your customers to pay their outstanding invoices in order for you to continue business? Kansas factoring companies provide an ideal solution to your problems. Factor Finders offers a unique service that pairs your business with one of the best factoring companies in the Sunflower State. We use a process called invoice factoring to get your company the money it needs to continue normal levels of profitability. Businesses in Overland Park, Wichita and Topeka can rely on Factor Finders to help them secure the capital needed to run their business by selling accounts receivable to a Kansas factoring company.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring provides instant capital regardless of your business’ history. Invoice factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable for instant cash. Instead of waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days for your customer to pay, factoring provides almost immediate access to working capital without going into debt. A factor will purchase your outstanding invoices at a discount and provide the funds to your business within 24 hours.

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Why Choose a Factor in Kansas?

Browsing through the countless numbers of Kansas factoring companies can be brutal. When you need cash, you want it now, not in a week or two. It can take time to locate the right Kansas factoring company for your needs.

Factor Finders specializes in finding the best Kansas factoring company to meet your factoring needs. We have the ability to personalize your search no matter what type of business you are. We take the time to get to know you and your needs, allowing us to make better recommendations geared toward the size of your account receivables as well as your future goals.

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Four Easy Steps to Cash Flow

Apply: The application requires simple paperwork that requires a mere 3-5 business days before approval. There are no long term contracts required, we appreciate any business!

Get Matched: Once approved, your business will be matched with one of the best factoring companies in Montana, selected through our large network of professional factoring companies, who will guide you throughout the entire process.

Transfer Invoice: A Kansas factoring company will purchase your outstanding invoices and advance between 80-95% of the total invoice amount to you within 24 hours. The remaining amount of the invoice will be held in a reserve account until completion of the transaction.

Receive Cash: The factoring company will take the reins from here, as they work directly with your debtor. Once the factoring company collects the total invoice from the debtor, the reserve amount of the invoice will be returned to you, minus a small factoring fee.

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Factoring Receivables Benefits Multiple Industries in Kansas

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We understand that you need to do what’s right for your business. When you need to have the cash in hand to make payroll, pay expenses or upgrade equipment, accounts receivable factoring can help you get the funds you need quickly, without adding debt to your balance sheet! Invoice factoring can help your business thrive no matter industry you’re in. We partner with Kansas factoring companies in many different industries, including:

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