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California Invoice Factoring

Looking For Factoring Companies in California?

In need of financing? Take advantage of our large network of invoice factoring companies in Los Angeles and throughout California. Factor Finders will quickly match your business to a CA factoring company that offers immediate funding.

Factor Finders provides a free factoring service that pairs your business with the best California factoring companies available. Regardless of your industry’s nature or size, our network of experienced factors can help you obtain the working capital you need with low rates and no commitments. Factor Finders works with companies all over California and helps them obtain the cash flow they need during times of rapid growth, seasonal slowdowns, etc.

Why Choose California Factoring Over Other Business Lending Methods?

No Credit Checks – Factoring invoices is a breeze. Unlike the strict application requirements and lengthy time it takes to secure a bank loan, financing through invoice factoring companies is fast, with few requirements.

Approval is Quick and Easy – When you need financing, all you have to do is send Factor Finders information about the customers’ accounts you would like to use for factoring financing. As soon as your customers’ credit has been verified, you’ll be able to secure up to 90% of your customers’ invoice value.

Avoid Bank Loan Rejection – Factoring has become an essential financing tool in recent years as bank loans have proven harder and harder to obtain. Invoice factoring provides companies of all sizes and industries the funds they need in order to grow, without the hassles associated with bank loan applications. With factoring, companies can get same day approval, funding within 24 hours, and bad credit is OK! Also, invoice factoring creates no debt — you never borrow a dime throughout the whole process.

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California Factoring Companies Offer Businesses More Freedom than Banks

While soliciting banks for a loan and going through the long application processes is stressful, securing financing through a factoring company is quick and easy. California banks, from Redding all the way down to San Diego, are competing with California factoring companies that offer business financing based on companies’ accounts receivables, and each day, invoice factoring is picking up more and more influence. Although California banks offer comparably low rates for business financing, dealing with factoring companies’ financing application process is easier and offers unique benefits.

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Finding the Best California Factoring Company

We know that looking for an invoice factoring company can be overwhelming. There are so many to choose from and it can be difficult to understand the differences between each program. Our goal is to truly listen to your situation and connect you with one of our many invoice factoring company partners that we think best suits your needs. We’ve spent years cultivating strong relationships with these businesses and can quickly get you to the right place. Why spend days agonizing over which company is best for your business goals? We’d be more than happy to do the work for you.

At Factor Finders, we pride ourselves on helping small businesses in California obtain the working capital they need on the terms that work for their organizations. Because we work with a large global network of factoring specialists, we provide you with decades of experience. Working with Factor Finders enables you to tap into all that experience.

Factor Your Invoices Anywhere in the Golden State

Whether you’re overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge or surfing in San Diego, Factor Finders is committed to helping you find a factoring company anywhere in California.

Don’t see your city? That’s no problem!

Factor Finders works with a nationwide network of factoring companies that are eager to purchase your unpaid invoices. Call Factor Finders and talk to one of our team members today or fill out a form for a free quote to see what we can offer your business.

How Does the Invoice Factoring Process Work?

Eliminate Bad Debt

First, you complete your product or service and deliver to the customer as usual

Unlimited Capital

Then, your invoice factoring company will buy a certain percentage of the invoice, advancing you up to 95% of the total amount within 24 hours

No Added Debt

Finally, when your debtor pays their invoice, the rest of your money is released to you, minus a small fee for using invoice factoring services!

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