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Factoring Companies in Los Angeles

Fast Funding Solutions for Small Businesses

If you are looking to expand your small business, it is time to consider working with factoring companies in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Factoring Companies for California Brands

One of the biggest production-killers for business owners is having to wait for clients/customers to pay off outstanding accounts receivables. Let’s face it, time is money.  Therefore, wasting time waiting for your customers to pay their invoices costs you money. Your time is far too valuable to spend waiting to collect your dues. Los Angeles factoring companies, through the practice of invoice factoring, can provide you with a secure, steady cash flow and can eliminate the tedious waiting game. Let Factor Finders help your business find the perfect factoring firm in the City of Angels.

Factoring Companies in Los Angeles

Some of the top factoring companies in the Los Angeles area include J D Factors, Camel Financial, ACS Factors, Riviera Finance, and Round Table Financial. J D Factors is renowned for its non-recourse receivables factoring, which it has been offering since 1989. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service and support. Camel Financial specializes in providing revolving lines of credit to businesses in California, offering accounts receivable finance solutions. ACS Factors, founded by veterans with extensive industry experience spanning over 40 years, is a trusted factoring company. Riviera Finance has been operating since 1969 and has a wide presence with over 20 locations across the United States and Canada. Finally, Round Table Financial is a California-based factoring company that primarily focuses on offering invoice factoring services to small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. These companies stand out in the Los Angeles area for their expertise and quality services in factoring.

In the vicinity of the beautiful beaches in Los Angeles, there is a cluster of factoring companies. Among them, Riviera Finance and J D Factors stand out as two of the largest factoring companies in the United States. Their headquarters are situated in the suburbs surrounding the area. Another notable factoring company, Round Table Financial, is located specifically in Newport Beach. Known for providing factoring services across various industries, including healthcare, Round Table Financial is an integral part of the factoring scene in the region.

Along the West Coast, there are over a dozen other California-based factoring companies, each offering tailored services to satisfy the unique needs of businesses. Factor Finders can assist in finding the ideal factoring company for your specific business.

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Los Angeles Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, which also goes by accounts receivable or business factoring, is a very simple, comprehensible process.

First, a California factoring company purchases your outstanding invoices, giving you between 70%-98% of its face value within 24 hours of submitting the invoice. Then, the factor assumes the responsibility of collecting payments from your debtor, working with them directly and gathering the complete installment within a 30, 60, or 90 day period. Finally, once the Los Angeles factory has collected all of the dues from your debtor, you are given the rest of your money (the 2%-30% of the original value of your invoice that you weren’t given at the onset of the transaction) minus a nominal service fee.

Factoring accounts receivables eliminates the need for businesses in Los Angeles to wait for extended periods for payment from their customers. Instead of waiting 30 to 45+ days, a local factoring company advances the cash immediately upon invoicing. This means that businesses can receive their payments promptly and avoid the tedious waiting game, allowing them to use their time and resources more effectively.

Receivables factoring allows businesses in the Los Angeles area to operate when traditional bank financing is not available. It provides immediate cash flow by advancing cash as soon as businesses invoice their customers for services or goods sold. This allows businesses to access the funds they need to continue operating and avoid financial constraints.

Easy, right? Los Angeles factoring companies are reliable and can get you much-needed funding in a very simple manner.

Why LA Factoring is the Right Choice

There are a number of aspects of invoice factoring in Los Angeles that make it a safe, smart way to get funding. The first one that comes to mind is the most obvious: factoring companies in L.A. increase your cash flow and give you immediate working capital that you can use to invest in growth. There is no longer a need to put off advantageous deals, purchases, or investments because you are waiting to collect the money that you are due from prior endeavors. Having your money on hand right away is a huge perk and frees you up to continue to promote your enterprise. Another advantage that Los Angeles factoring companies offer is that this method of funding does not require you to take on even one dollar’s-worth of debt.

Additionally, your credit does not come into play when you use invoice factoring. The factor doesn’t take your credit history into account because, after all, they are not taking any risk on you by loaning you money. Rather, they are interested in the financial history of your debtors, as they collect money from them. Moreover, your client is guaranteed to be satisfied working with your factoring company. Factor Finders only sets business owners up with Los Angeles’s best factoring firms, all of which have a history of professionalism and outstanding business etiquette. Remember, Los Angeles factoring companies purchase your outstanding invoices — they never lend you their money. Therefore, there is no risk of getting into debt, something that causes many businesses to fail.

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Los Angeles Factoring Solutions for Any Industry

Businesses in California often find they need extra capital to cover expenses during periods of rapid and unexpected growth.  Working with Factor Finders guarantees your business will be matched with the best factoring company in California or throughout the US to fulfill your funding needs. Factoring companies serve a wide range of industries including business services, manufacturing, oil and gas, staffing, and trucking.

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