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If you’re in need of business cash flow, but don’t want to deal with the hassles of bank loans, Denver factoring companies can help. If you need cash now, there’s no reason to deal with bank financing and waiting weeks to find out whether or not you’re approved. Factoring companies in Denver can get your small business fast working capital through invoice factoring.

Invoice Factoring Explained

What is invoice factoring? Invoice factoring is a form of financing that allows businesses to sell their outstanding invoices to a Denver factoring company in exchange for cash. Since it’s your money, there is absolutely zero debt to repay. Invoice factoring is fast. Denver factoring companies can process your initial funding within 3-5 days. After the initial funding, invoices can be factored for cash within 24 hours of submission. Once the factoring company receives your invoices, you will be advanced 80-90%. The rest will be held in a reserve while the Denver factoring company awaits payment from your clients. Once the payment has been received, the reserve will be released to you minus a factoring fee. You’ve already done the work, Colorado factoring companies ensure you get paid faster.



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Perfect Solution for Small Businesses in Denver, CO

If your business has outstanding receivables, factoring companies in Denver, Colorado and throughout the United States can help. Whether you’re a new business and looking for startup factoring or a seasoned business owner dealing with slow paying clients, a Denver factoring company can get you the business cash you need. Colorado factoring companies work with a wide range of industries to ensure that small businesses are getting the funds they need to grow and support their brand. You will never have to worry about paying your bills or payroll again. With the flexible terms that Denver factoring provides, your business will see growth in no time at all.

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Partnering with a Denver factoring company provides one of the most flexible financing options for small business owners. Invoice factoring requires no minimum volumes and offers business owners the freedom to choose which invoices to factor, when they need to factor.

Spot Factoring

Recourse Factoring

Non-Recourse Factoring

Factoring invoices is fast. If you’re facing a cash flow crunch and find yourself worrying if you’ll be able to cover payroll, contact Factor Finders. We’ll match you with a Denver factoring company that will get you the funds you need within a matter of days.

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