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Factoring Companies in New Orleans

August 3, 2022
Phil Cohen

Invoice Factoring in New Orleans

If you are looking to expand your small business in the Big Easy, let Factor Finders pair your enterprise with the best factoring company in New Orleans.

New Orleans Factoring Companies to Grow Your Business

Do you feel as if waiting for your clients to pay off their outstanding accounts receivables is preventing you from meeting your long-term business goals? Your fears are well-warranted, as waiting prevents you from having a steady cash flow, making expansion all but impossible. The good news is there is a simple, easy solution to such problems. Through a process called invoice factoring, sometimes known as accounts receivable factoring, you can get quick access to working capital, take away the need to wait for your clients to pay their dues to you, and start using your money on advantageous new business ventures.

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How it Works: Invoice Factoring in New Orleans

Invoice factoring is the process in which a funding company buys your accounts receivables from you and then advances you the cash, eliminating the waiting game between you and your customers.

First, a New Orleans factoring company will buy your outstanding invoices, giving you between 70%-98% of your invoice’s face value within 24 hours of verifying the invoice.

Next, the factor works directly with your debtor, assuming responsibility of collecting their dues within a 30, 60, or 90 day period, alleviating you of that often cumbersome task.

Finally, once the entire installment has been paid by your debtor to the New Orleans factoring company, you are paid the rest of the balance left from your accounts receivable (the 2%-30% that you were not given at the onset of the deal), minus a small service fee.

Benefits of Invoice Factoring in New Orleans

The most important benefit that this method of funding can offer is the immediate, steady flow of cash that your business gains access to. It is no secret that waiting for your money is harmful to progress. New Orleans factoring companies offer you a way to get instant working capital that you can use to improve your company’s infrastructure and business relationships, for example. Having money on hand to invest in your own interests is key to business growth.

New Orleans factoring companies prove their value in other ways, too. Because invoice factoring entails the funder purchasing your accounts receivables, they do not loan you any of their money, so it is impossible to accumulate any debt. You can’t owe anybody money if they don’t lend you any of their money, right? Moreover, obtaining your credit history is not crucial to being approved for invoice Regardless of your business’s past, invoice factoring is a great option for moving forward in your entrepreneurial pursuits.

It is important to note that your customers/clients will have a satisfactory experience with any of our Louisiana factoring companies. Factor Finders knows all of the best factors in the Who Dat Nation, all of whom have a proven history of professionalism and outstanding business etiquette.

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Which Industries Use Invoice Factoring in New Orleans & Louisiana?

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Factor Finders works with a vast network of factoring companies in Louisiana and beyond. We take the time to learn about your business and financial needs – then we work to find you the best invoice factoring company for your business. Factoring companies serve businesses of all sizes.

As you can see, there is plenty of financial help for the companies that need it the most. For a quick turnaround of working capital, it’s important to partner with the best New Orleans factoring company for your industry. That’s where we come in. Stop waiting for your debtors to pay off their accounts receivables and putting your business’s interests on the back burner.

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