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What is a Factoring Company?

A factoring company is an alternative financing business that provides a service called invoice factoring. Invoice factoring is the process of selling your unpaid invoices to a factoring company and getting an immediate advance on your money.

Whether your business faces slow paying clients, rapid growth periods, or seasonal patterns, factoring companies can help you manage these cash flow challenges. They offer customized financing programs designed exclusively for your business’ needs.

Factoring companies work in a wide variety of industries, such as trucking, medical staffing, and more. They work with small businesses, startups, and larger companies. So no matter your business’ industry or size, a factoring company can work with you to help get immediate funding from your unpaid invoices.

How does the factoring company determine eligibility for funding?

The factoring company focuses on the strength of the customer’s credit and their ability to pay their bills, rather than the business’s creditworthiness.

Does the factoring company provide any additional services?

The factoring company provides free back-office support and manages collections on invoices that are factored for the business.

How long does it take to receive funding?

Once approved, clients can receive their fundings in as little as 24 hours.

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Why Use a Factoring Company?

If your business is looking for an alternative, more efficient way to get the funding it needs, you may want to consider invoice factoring.

Invoice factoring companies can benefit small and medium-sized companies that serve a wide variety of industries in a multitude of ways.

The Benefits of Using a Factoring Company

  • It’s fast –
    • Working with a traditional bank could take weeks or months to get the cash you need now. An invoice factoring company can have you set up and ready to go within 3 working days or less.
  • It’s flexible –
    • Whether you have one slow paying client, or want to factor all of your unpaid invoices – it’s up to you!
  • It’s scalable –
    • As your business grows, so does your funding capability. You can accept new, larger accounts and/or clients without worrying about how you’ll finance them.
  • It can help your credit –
    • Because invoice factoring companies rely on the creditworthiness of your debtors, not your own, it’s a great option. It can help you pay off outstanding debt, which can help build your credit.
  • It can help you grow –
    • Factoring your invoices can allow you the freedom within your finances, giving you the ability to cover not only essential operating costs, but also hiring and training new employees or expanding to new locations.

Invoice Factoring Companies Locations

Whether you’re in Florida, Texas, or California, or anywhere in between – our team at Factor Finders can match your business with a factoring company that best suits your needs.

Instead of settling for a factoring company that’s not nearby, we can find a factoring company in the same state as your business. We work with an extensive network of factoring companies that can purchase your unpaid invoices and advance you the cash you need.

Find a Factoring Company Located Near You

Find a Factoring Company Located Near You

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Locations Outside the United States

Don’t see the location you’re looking for?

Factor Finders works with a nationwide network of factoring companies who are eager to purchase your unpaid invoices. We can help your business obtain funding, regardless of its size or stage and have helped many small, medium, and large businesses across the country.

What Does Factor Finders Do?

Factor Finders is essentially a factoring broker. We’re the middleman between your business and an invoice factoring company. We have extensive industry relationships and work with some of the best factoring companies across the United States. We do the searching for you, matching you with an invoice factoring company that specializes in your industry and meets your specific needs of your business.

Why Choose Factor Finders?

At Factor Finders, our commitment is to help your business access the funding it needs in order to grow. We take the time to listen to what your business needs are and connect you with one of our many partners in the invoice factoring industry.

Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with the best funding companies in the country. When you’re not sure which factoring company is best for your business – we do.

Our team at Factor Finders will take care of the time and effort of searching for the perfect factoring company for your business. This way, you continue to focus on growing and managing your business.

Let us do the searching for you.

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