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Missouri Invoice Factoring

Why Work with a Missouri Factoring Company?

If you run a business in the “Show-Me State”, but often struggle to meet expenses due to slow-paying customers, Missouri factoring can change your motto to “Show me the money!”

Factoring is a viable alternative to a traditional bank loan. Rather than lending you funds that would create new debt on your balance sheet, Missouri factoring companies advance you cash against your open invoices – essentially, turning your stale asset into cash you can use immediately!

The factoring process is simple:

  1. Submit your invoices for work completed.
  2. The factor will verify your invoices and advance 70 to 90 percent of the invoice value within 24 hours.
  3. Conduct business as usual — the factor will collect from your customers directly!
  4. When the factor collects, they will deposit the remainder of your invoices, minus a small factoring fee.

There are no annoying hoops to jump through or strict criteria to meet in order to qualify for a competitive Missouri factoring program. You can factor as many of your invoices as you want to meet the level of working capital you need. Our industry-low factoring rates, meanwhile, put more of your money in your account where it belongs!

Benefits of Factoring in Missouri

Flexibility – Factoring allows you to control your operating costs by choosing which invoices to submit and when, without minimum or maximum amounts to meet. Fees accrue from the day you factor an invoice – not the date of the invoice – so you can save additional money by timing your factoring transactions well.

Qualify with bad credit – If you are in the midst of financial difficulty and have been turned down for conventional loans, you can still be approved for Missouri factoring. Credit decisions are based on your customers’ creditworthiness rather than your own! Factoring is the ideal solution for a company’s financial recovery.

Administrative support – Cut your operating costs even further with back office support from your factor. Missouri factoring companies will take on running credit checks on your customers and engaging in collections efforts so you can invest your time and money in other areas of your business.

Build your credit – Not only can you begin factoring with bad credit, but you can also build your credit with Missouri factoring! By using cash advances to pay down existing debt, you can raise your credit rating for any future financing needs.

Discounts – Finally, factoring offers you the opportunity to negotiate a number of discounts. You can work with your suppliers to secure a volume discount or early-pay incentive with cash up front. Additionally, your Missouri factor may offer special discounts if you factor a large volume of invoices. Ask your factor for more details.

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Invoice Factoring for Your Missouri Business

Factoring for Missouri companies is intended to boost your working capital without locking your company into restrictive terms that limit your ability to do business. Your Missouri factoring relationship will extend beyond cash advances to positively transform your operations from the day you begin.Take advantage of any of the following benefits of invoice factoring to achieve the greatest result for your company, whether you’re in St. Louis , Kansas City, or elsewhere in the state.

Factoring Invoices in The Show-Me State

Here at Factor Finders we are committed to being your leading source for locating factoring companies in Missouri to help your business secure the additional funds it needs — and quickly!

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Factor Finders works with a nationwide network of factoring companies that are eager to purchase your unpaid invoices. Call Factor Finders and talk to one of our team members today or fill out a form for a free quote to see what we can offer your business.

“What Do I Need to Get Started with Invoice Factoring?”

Business filing/Articles of Incorporation

Customer list

Copies of invoices you wish to factor

Updated invoice aging report

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Factorable Missouri Industries

We believe that funding your business should be fast and simple so you can focus on running your business rather than chasing money.  Once a Missouri factoring company receives your information they will make a funding decision in as little as 3 to 5 business days! When you are qualified you can factor your first batch of invoices and receive an advance within 24 hours.

Factor Finders has a vast network of funding partners that offer factoring for Missouri companies in nearly every industry. Specialties include, but are not limited to:

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