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Factoring for Montana Oilfield Services

August 3, 2022
Phil Cohen

Montana Oilfield Factoring

Do you need cash flow quickly to cover your oilfield contracts? If you work in the oilfields of the Treasure State, Factor Finders can help you find the perfect Montana oilfield factoring program to meet your capital needs.

Montana Oilfield Factoring For Every Company

Obtaining a traditional business loan for your oilfield company can be difficult – strict approval and collateral requirements block new and struggling companies from qualifying, and static credit lines mean you will simply add more debt down the line. With oilfield factoring in Montana, however, you can access as much working capital as your company requires without adding a single line of debt to your balance sheet!


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How does oilfield factoring in Montana work?

Once you are approved for a Montana oilfield factoring account, submit your open oil and gas invoices to the factoring company. Work must be completed and the invoices must not be pledged to a third party.

The factor will verify your invoices and advance you funds via wire or ACH within 24 hours.

While the oilfield factoring company collects from your customers, conduct business as usual. Take on new contracts, complete ongoing projects – even submit new invoices if you have them!

When payment in full is received, the factor will send you any remaining invoice amount minus a small factoring fee.

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Full Stream Support with Montana Oilfield Factoring

Companies working in every sector of the oil and gas industry can qualify for Montana oilfield factoring. Whether you work in oilfield trucking, service, or construction, there is a factoring company with the expertise to effectively navigate your section of the stream.

Some functions that are covered by oilfield factoring in Montana include:

Pipeline construction


Flowback testing

Housing providers

Manufacturers of oil extraction equipment



Frac sand suppliers

Oil distribution


Perks of Oilfield Factoring in Montana

Fast cash is great, but there are plenty more reasons to work with a Montana oilfield factoring company.

Unlimited cash flow potential

Take on new contracts without worrying about the cost – as your sales increase, so does your ability to access cash! There are no minimum or maximum amounts to factor, so you can factor exactly what you need to make the next project happen.

Oilfield factoring for bad credit

Are you just starting out, or did your company tank during the recession? If you’ve had prior financial difficulty or lack an established credit history, Montana oilfield factoring can help when traditional lending fails. Factoring companies base their funding decisions on your customers’ credit rating and not yours, so you can qualify even with bad (or no) credit. Even better, once you begin factoring you can pay down existing debt to rebuild your credit.

Back office support

Free credit and background checks, online reporting, and invoice management are just a few of the services that your oilfield factoring company can provide at your request and at no additional cost to you. Save time and money by trusting your factor with these and other administrative functions.

Choose Factor Finders for Montana Oilfield Factoring

Factor Finders has a comprehensive portfolio of factoring partners that specialize in oilfield factoring in Montana. You will work with a dedicated account representative who can get you set up and funding in no time.

When you are ready, all you need is an application and a few basic documents:

Articles of Incorporation

Copies of invoices you wish to factor

Current invoice aging

Customer list

The factoring company will review your information and make a funding decision in as little as 3 to 5 business days, and once you are approved you can factor your first oil and gas invoices the same day.

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