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Temp Staffing Companies Should Try Their Hand at Twitter

Phil Cohen

With the surge in social media usage, temporary staffing companies now have an opportunity to utilize these engaging platforms as valuable recruiting tools. Twitter, one of the most used social media sites, can be used by staffing agencies to help identify and attract potential employees. B2B companies still strongly benefit from Twitter.   If used correctly, this powerful social media tool can also aid staffing companies and recruiters in broadening their list of possible future hires.

Using Twitter for your Temporary Staffing Company

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Recruiters have the option to post through their personal Twitter accounts or those created by their staffing company. Regardless of which account is used, the goal should be to communicate with users about current job openings, as well as exchange information about companies that are on the hunt for new talent.

Unfortunately, several temporary staffing agencies consistently make mistakes when using Twitter for recruitment efforts. Some staffing companies will use faceless, nameless logos as their avatars, and will compose tweets that consist of nothing more than information about current job openings. Additionally, another common mistake that temporary staffing agencies make is to have little to no interaction with other users on Twitter. Simply throwing out posts does little to gain the attention of prospects. It’s social media, so be social. Respond to posts, retweet valuable information from others and promptly respond to comments or questions from followers.

Nevertheless, by avoiding these tactics, Twitter can be a highly beneficial resource for staffing companies. When it comes to composing tweets, be sure to keep them short, sweet and to the point. Aside from conveying your message clearly and concisely, you can also include hashtags within tweets to ensure that your job postings really stand out. By applying hashtags to each tweet, your posts become instantly searchable. Some helpful examples of hashtags to use within your postings include #job, #jobpost, #employment, or #recruiting.

Searching for clients and job candidates to connect with on Twittertwitter icon

Searching for clients and job candidates to connect with on Twitter can help build your network and lead you to prospective employees. Furthermore, by following associates and other recruiters, staffing agencies can greatly increase your chances of finding the ideal candidate for an open position. Lastly and most importantly, be sure to discuss upcoming career expos or conventions your staffing company may be attending, and don’t forget to provide plenty of information to prospective hires about your business. Be sure to include a headshot or company logo, as well as a link to your website in your Twitter profile. In order for staffing agencies to be successful, they need great recruiters and strategic recruiting tactics.

Whether new clients come from Twitter or other means, it’s vital to have a strategy to manage your cash flow during periods of growth. Temporary staffing agencies can continue to grow by using the services of staffing factoring companies. With no hidden fees or minimum volume requirements, staffing factoring companies can help you meet your business needs.

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