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Canada Invoice Factoring

There’s a wide variety of funding options across many industries for businesses in Canada, but deciding on the best financing program for your company can be challenging. That’s where Factor Finders can help. Let us know your business needs and what industry you’re in so that we can get to work finding your company the funding to bring on growth and success. Factoring your outstanding invoices provides the steady funding necessary to take on larger clients, hire more employees and cover all your expenses as they arise. By working with a factoring company, you can transform your cash flow and take your business to the next level. If you’ve ever had to turn down an opportunity due inadequate cash flow, factoring might be right for you.

Why Choose Factor Finders?

Factor Finders has been specializing in getting businesses of all sizes funding for years. We have cultivated relationships with some of the best factoring companies in the U.S. and Canada that are eager to buy your invoices. Our competitive invoice factoring services are designed to support all types of businesses, ranging from start-ups to larger companies. If you’re looking for a factoring company, you’ve come to the right place. We offer:

  • Funds within 24 hours
  • Easy approval
  • No long term contract required
  • No hidden fees
  • No minimum volumes
  • You decide which invoices to factor, when you need to factor

Working with the right factoring company can help your business reach its full potential.  Invoice factoring services can be the solution you’ve been looking for. Take advantage of one of these flexible solutions to fund your business! Request a free quote 

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Why Factor Finders is the Best Option for Canadian Businesses

 There are a lot of invoice factoring companies out there, and it can be difficult to truly understand what each one is trying to offer your business. Factor Finders takes the time to learn about your financial situation and will match you with the perfect factoring company in Canada or the U.S. Best of all? We’re flexible and free! It’s important to partner with a factoring company that’s willing to work on YOUR terms. If you’re looking for funding for payroll, extra money for operational costs, or need additional capital to take on new clients, factoring your invoices provides the working capital you need. It’s time to take advantage of new opportunities that come your way – and we’re here to help you secure the funds to do just that!

At Factor Finders, we pride ourselves on helping small businesses in Canada obtain the working capital they need on the terms that work for their companies.

Factor Your Invoices Anywhere in Canada

From British Columbia to Nova Scotia and every province in between, factoring companies in the U.S. and Canada are ready and willing to help you reach your business goals with invoice factoring. Contact Factor Finders to speak with a Canada freight factoring specialist and start down the path to financial freedom now!


Don’t see your city or province? That’s no problem!

Factor Finders works with a wide network of factoring companies that offer invoice factoring services that are eager to purchase your unpaid invoices. Call Factor Finders and talk to one of our team members today or fill out a form for a free quote to see what we can offer your business.

Industries in Canada We Work With

Invoice factoring services are alternate financing solutions for small businesses. The process involves an invoice factoring company issuing a cash advance for your company’s unpaid invoices within 24 hours. This is beneficial for businesses because it bridges the gap between payment periods, instead of waiting 30, 45, 60+ days for customers to pay.

Unlike a loan, however, the factoring company buys your invoice to quickly provide the cash you need. Therefore, no debt is established. You get paid instantly and your customer pays the factoring company by sending payment to their address or lock box. It’s simply a way to get paid faster for the products and/or services you’ve provided. The factoring process is simple, learn more.

Factoring can be used as either a short-term or long-term financing option. Some businesses prefer to use it short-term in order to get through seasonal cash flow ups and downs. Others may factor invoices over a longer period, especially if they have a few regular clients who pay on extended terms.

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About Our Invoice Factoring Services

Recourse and Non-recourse Services

Two types of factoring services are available: recourse and non-recourse. With recourse, should a customer fail to pay their invoice after a certain amount of time, you will be required to pay back the advance, and the factoring agency will not be held liable for non-payment. In non-recourse funding, the factoring agency assumes the credit risk for any unpaid invoices, so you are not held responsible for outstanding payments. Since non-recourse factoring is less risky for you, it tends to have slightly higher factoring fees than recourse. If you have questions about which type of invoice financing is best for your business, we’re here to help!

Notification and Non-notification Factoring

Not 100% comfortable with letting your customers know that you’re using a factoring company?  We understand. Our account managers are experts at handling these types of situations, and will happily work out a solution that you feel confident about.


How much you factor and when is entirely up to you and what you think is best for your company. Invoice factoring is designed to grow with your business, so as you expand, so does your capacity to receive more funds!

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At Factor Finders, we know that slow-paying customers can hurt small companies that rely on consistent cash flow. When your money is being held up in unpaid invoices, other operations such as funding payroll, hiring new employees, paying taxes, and expanding marketing efforts are often placed on hold. That’s where invoice factoring (also known as accounts receivable factoring) can help! It enables small business owners to secure the cash flow necessary for continued growth.

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