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New Mexico Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring in New Mexico

Whether your business is located in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or anywhere in between, factoring companies in New Mexico can help you broaden your business horizon.

For small business owners, waiting for customers to pay their invoices can be the bane of your existence. Have you ever had to put your entire company on hold while you wait for the payment from one or two customers? Wait no longer. New Mexico factoring companies, through the process of invoice factoring, offer a unique financial solution that will allow you to overcome the seemingly inevitable obstacle of waiting for your customer’s payment. These invoice factoring companies provide steady cash flow in order to keep your business on track and productive. Factor Finders serves to pair your business with one of the best factoring companies in New Mexico.

Why Not Take Out a Bank Loan?

Factoring companies in New Mexico make funding decisions based on credit-worthiness rather than financial history. Therefore, factoring is the perfect solution to the inevitable financial problems that come with startup companies or simply a company with poor credit history. Perhaps an even better perk is the fact that using a factoring company will not place you in debt. The money you receive is money that you have well earned, you simply cannot afford to wait until its arrival. New Mexico factoring companies can provide your business with the fast cash it needs, as soon as it needs it, with fewer qualifications than most lenders. Factor Finders works with New Mexico factoring companies of all types in order to ensure that you get the one that is most specialized and capable of handling your specific business.



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How Does Invoice Factoring Help New Mexico Businesses?

New Mexico factoring companies buy your outstanding invoices at a discount, between 70-95% (the remaining money is held in a reserve account until the invoice is fully paid), and provide the funds for your business within 24 hours. To qualify, the invoice must simply be current, unpaid, and payable by other businesses. Once the invoice is accepted for factoring, funds are deposited into your bank account within hours. From here, the New Mexico factoring company will collect directly from your debtor. This allows you to continue business as usual while the factoring company handles the invoice for you! Once the full invoice is paid, you will receive the money in the reserve account minus a small fee.

Why Choose Factor Finders?

We understand: we know how stressful it can be when you know your business needs more money but you aren’t sure where to get it. With factoring rates as low as 0.69%, our goal is to help you partner with a New Mexico invoice factoring company that is going to help you achieve your business’s goals. We work with a large network of factoring companies, which allows us to match you with an invoice factoring company to best fit your needs. Factor Finders listens to your wants and will then connect you with one of our expert account managers in your industry. We want to help your business find the funding it needs to succeed so let us do the work for you. Learn more about our factoring services.

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What Industries Can Use Invoice Factoring?

Short answer: all of them! Invoice factoring isn’t for any specific industry. We have many partners that are excel in businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you don’t see yours listed, don’t worry. We’ll find someone who will work with you!

Equipment Leasing
Government Contracts
 Oil & Gas
Science and Technology
Additional Industries

Factoring Industries

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