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West Virginia Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring in West Virginia

West Virginia is a beautiful state that is rich in history and fun outdoor activities. However, do you find yourself worrying about your business instead of getting out there and enjoying the beautiful place in which you live?

If you just started a business, or if your company is growing rapidly, you probably need more working capital to accommodate all the changes. Customers prefer credit terms; however, we realize that most businesses struggle with cash flow as they wait for customers to pay their invoices. While your business has a stack of bills waiting to be paid, you also have receivables on which you are sitting.

Factor Finders can help you get working capital quick and hassle-free. We do not offer bank loans that require credit checks; instead, we offer a viable alternative that does not add debt or a negative item on your balance sheet.

Invoice Factoring is the Best Alternative for Your Businesses in WV

Factor Finders buys your open invoices at a discount, then bills your customers according to their current terms. Our discount rates typically range between 70% and 90%. When your customers pay us in full, we return the discounted amount to you, minus a small fee of approximately 1.59%.

We base your approval on the credit of your customers. Initial approval may take 3 to 5 business days; however, once we approve you, you can get subsequent funding in 24 hours or less.

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Why Choose Factor Finders for a West Virginia Company?

We have decades of experience and thoroughly understand the West Virginia market. We have the capacity to offer $3 billion worth of funding to our clients, because we work with a network of factoring companies. Factor Finders gets to know your business, then matches you up with a factoring company in West Virginia or elsewhere in the U.S. that is the best fit.

The application process is simple

No loan to repay

Super fast funding

Minimal underwriting

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