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How to Choose the Best Factoring Company for Your Business

Cut Through the Clutter. Here's How to Select the Right Factoring Partner!

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A quick Google search proves that finding the best factoring company is no simple task. There are hundreds of factoring businesses to choose from, ranging in size and expertise. Some serve a variety of industries, while others may focus on a specific niche. They differ when it comes to specialties, fee structures, contract terms and programs. Sure, you can read factoring company reviews online, but many “reviews” are written by other funders who have a partnership in place with the company. It can be hard to determine what’s genuine.

First Things First – Here’s How Factoring Works

Invoice factoring, or invoice financing, enables business owners to sell their outstanding invoices to a factoring company for a cash advance within 24 hours. It eliminates the wait for customer payment and allows you to access funds instantly. Business owners often use this financing method to cover payroll and other expenses, take on larger contracts, purchase new supplies, etc.

Types of Factoring Programs

Recourse: The most common type of factoring service. Recourse rates are the most competitive. With recourse, the business owner assumes the risk if their customers fail to pay the factor.

Non-Recourse: With non-recourse, the factoring company assumes the risk of non-payment. Business owners will not be liable to repay the factor if their customers fail to pay. The fees tend to be higher due to the larger risk to the factor.

Spot Factoring: Factoring a single invoice on a one-time basis.

Comparing Invoice Factoring Companies

With so many options, the search for the right funding partner can be overwhelming. What seems like a great deal at first glance, may prove to be anything but. If you’re new to using factoring as a financing option, there are a few things to keep in mind as you weigh your options. Some include extra fees, contract terms, flexibility and experience with your particular industry.

We recommend speaking to multiple factoring companies to compare services and rates. Read on to find out exactly what to look for when you’re reviewing each company.


Read the fine print of your proposal. Pay attention to the advance, factoring fees, reserve requirements and note any additional charges including processing fees, ACH fees, application fees, etc. Compare your proposals – what seems like the lowest fee can easily prove to be the most expensive thanks to additional costs.

Customer Service

Prompt and courteous telephone and email support are a must, as well as the potential for face-to-face meetings when needed. Since factors deal with your customers, you must ensure that they will do so in a manner reflective of your company. Before selecting a factor, search for customer reviews and don’t hesitate to ask the factoring company for references.


Do you plan to factor all of your clients? Would you prefer to pick and choose which customers to factor? Do you need accounts receivable factoring on a seasonal basis? If you’re not comfortable signing a year-long contract, don’t do it. Plenty of factors offer month-to-month agreements with no minimum volume requirements. Would you prefer non-recourse factoring services? If flexibility is a must-have for funding, we can help you find it.

Industry Expertise

There is no one-size-fits-all factoring company. In order to choose the best for your business, find one that has direct experience with businesses like yours. The process of factoring invoices is standard, but some industries may require slightly different programs and services. For example, freight factoring companies provide fuel cards, fuel advances, and other benefits for truckers. Many staffing-focused factors offer back office support for agencies. In addition to industry-experience, the best factoring businesses are well-established and will have a proven track record of success.


This one is harder to quantify and even tougher to get a feel from the get-go. Nonetheless, it is extremely important. You want to deal with a factor who says they will do what they say they will, treats your customers fairly, and doesn’t hit you with hidden factoring fees.

When it comes to selecting the right accounts receivable factoring company, we recommend speaking with at least 4-5 different companies to get a feel for what is a fair rate and program.

Think of Us as Your Factoring Company Matchmaker

Finding the right partner can be challenging, but Factor Finders makes it simple. By learning about your business and how to best meet your goals, we can help you find the best factor for your unique needs. Contact us and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll help you get it. Best of all, our factoring services are 100% free to you.


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“Problem” Industries? We’ll Get You Funded!

Factoring for most industries is pretty straightforward—provide the service, bill the client, send the outstanding receivables to the factor. However, there are a few tricky industries that only specialized factors are equipped to handle.

Two examples are healthcare factoring and construction factoring. These particular industries have unique billing structures and rules that make it difficult for most factors to fund their deals. However, specialized factors are more than happy to take these deals—you just have to know where to look. Thankfully, we do!

Contact us. We can get your healthcare and construction company funded! Our network of financing partners fund a broad range of industries. Progress billing? Insurance receivables? No problem.  If you have cash tied up in unpaid invoices, we can help.

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Working with Factoring Brokers

One way to streamline the process and ensure that your company’s needs are met fully is to use the services of a factoring broker. Factoring brokers, like Factor Finders, are third-parties that match clients with the ideal factoring company for their needs. The service is free for clients; it’s the factor that has to pay the broker.

For a company new to invoice factoring, there are benefits to using a broker like us. We have a large network of factors to fund any deal, so the process moves very fast. Typically, a factoring broker will put you in contact with best factoring company for your funding needs within minutes. We do the shopping for you by connecting you with a factor that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

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