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Whether you’re in Maine, New Mexico, Canada or anywhere in between –  we can match your business with a factoring company that best fits your needs.

Your business doesn’t have to settle for working with a factoring company that’s not nearby if it’s something you’re not comfortable with. Factor Finders works with a nationwide network of factoring companies that are eager to purchase your unpaid invoices. We work with factoring companies that fund businesses in most B2B industries. Not sure if you’re eligible? Visit our industries list.

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Factor Finders works with a nationwide network of factoring companies who are eager to purchase your unpaid invoices. We can help your business obtain funding, regardless of its size or stage and have helped many small, medium, and large businesses across the country.

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The Benefits of Factoring

If your company is looking for a better, more efficient way to get funding, consider invoice factoring.

Invoice factoring can benefit small and medium-sized companies that serve a wide variety of industries in a multitude of ways.

  • It’s fast – If your company needs funding and needs it now, factoring is for you. Get approved and receive factoring documents in as fast as 24 hours.
  • It’s not debt – Your business doesn’t have to worry about paying back a loan or putting assets down as collateral. Your clients will pay the factoring company directly and remove you as the middleman.
  • It’s easy – Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Apply

Give us a call or fill out an online form. Using the information you provide us, we’ll be able to send you along to a factoring company that best fits your business’ needs.

2. Submit

Once approved, you’re ready to start submitting your unpaid invoice to your factoring company. The factor will verify the invoices, then advance you the cash within 24 hours, keeping a small amount as the reserve. From there, your customers pay the invoices on their terms directly to the factoring company.

3. Get Paid!

After your customers pay the factoring company, the reserve amount is released to you minus a small factoring fee.

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